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Perfect Product Pairings

When it comes to creating a highly functional and harmonious space, complimentary products are a necessity. From a visual and performance standpoint, we know the importance of complete product integration.

We offer a variety of standard and custom systems built to withstand serious environmental wear and blend seamlessly into any space. However, our products are designed with more than just performance in mind. Not only do we make products meant to last, but we consider the nuances of what’s required to make an entire unit look and function at its highest capacity.

From lighting control and charging systems to storage and safety lighting, we consider the needs, limitations, and advantages of each space. Our products are engineered to improve the user’s experience and increase functionality, all while staying ahead of industry trends.

While we provide a complete spread of custom design and engineering services, here are a few of our favorite existing product pairings:

Perfect Product Pairings

Total lighting control made easy.

Our Luna™ Diffused Flex Light is a powerful  tape light solution in its own right. Featuring a flexible silicone jacket that hides the LEDs from direct view, Luna offers a soft, pleasant glow. It can be sized to fit perfectly into any installation, while multiple LED colors, wire exit, and mounting channel options make it a versatile solution for any interior or exterior application.

Paired with the VersiControl™ Addressable RGB(W) Smart System, this duo delivers incredibly versatile lighting control. The smart system is a true RGB(W) controller providing fades, chasing modes, and a virtually unlimited color palette. With the functionality to independently control two standard RGB(W) zones of lighting and two addressable zones, the intuitive system and easy visuals make controlling the lights functional and fun.

Perfect Product Pairings

Sturdy, weatherproof, made for each other.

An essential feature in any functional unit is a secure table system. As a workspace, dining area, and storage element, users’ need a surface they can trust to withstand harsh environments. Our Cypress™ Table Leg & Base System is engineered with durable aluminum to ensure a sturdy, wobble-free table, even when used in a single leg application. With a superior twist-lock connection, the Cypress leg can be installed on any flat surface. 

Designed to perfectly compliment the Cypress leg, our Rectangle Table Top is a durable and stylish companion to complete the system. With quick and easy removal, this tabletop is versatile and easy to store. Plus, additional illumination capabilities create a cool and functional visual element for any space.

Perfect Product Pairings

Safe, bright, trusted to light the way.

Visibility and safety are key elements for any unit. Our Tread™ Step Light boasts a new, sleek design that seamlessly integrates into any space.. With downward and forward-facing illumination that lights the full step, the Tread light provides a wider field of illumination for added security, and it’s  available with left, right, or center mounting options.

The perfect companion, the IllumaGrip™ Assist Handle is a sturdy grab handle with plenty of flexibility. With three lengths to choose from and a variety of customization options in illumination, light output, screen printing, and end cap finishes, Illumagrip can provide security and style in any setting.

Perfect Product Pairings

Secure, versatile, fully charged.

Staying fully charged is a necessity in today’s connected world. Our Rotating Phone Charger can mount a phone vertically or horizontally while providing both wireless charging and a USB-A or USB-C port on the bottom. With a spring-loaded arm to hold the phone securely—whether in motion or stationary—and a textured surface to prevent the phone from sliding, this charging solution provides a high-end look and high-end functionality. 

For double the function, pair with our USB Drink Holder and get the perk of simultaneous storage and charging. This lit-base drink holder features a USB-A charging port that eliminates the additional wiring that would be required for a separate cup holder and charger. The removable rubber pad holds drinks securely and the stainless-steel rim provides an elevated look for any space.