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  • Mission: Design and Deliver Innovative Customer Focused Product Solutions
  • Variable Capabilities to Serve a Diversified Market
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The elio® brand of LED lighting products brings a new experience in high quality lighting and innovative design to several markets.
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Located in Elkhart, IN for over 11 years, ITC's RV division services the needs of the RV industry as a leader in lighting products.
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The ITC Horticulture brand specializes in bringing LED lighting solutions to horticulture industry growers and greenhouse retro-fitters.
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ITC has been serving the marine market since 1982. Today, the division has grown to include a broad range of marine products.
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The ITC Transportation brand extends our experience with products designed for the harsh environment of the Transportation industry.
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Manufacturers' Select

Being a top OEM supplier positions ITC to be the natural leader in the RV and Marine aftermarket.
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Workplace Interiors

Today, companies are focused on office worker comfort and green initiatives as much as they are on safety, efficiency, and the bottom line.
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Retail Display

Let ITC help you transition foot traffic through your store into measurable sales.
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ITC Incorporated is more than the sum of our parts – we are a dynamic, evolving company that has grown our innovative technology and LED capabilities with collections of products, including several for industries that include Marine, Cruise, RV, Horticulture, Transportation, Architecture and Design, and Commercial Interiors. We do this by carefully listening to and respecting the distinct needs of each customer, then executing and delivering results.

ITC provides full-service engineering, development, sourcing, supply chain management, and manufacturing with our cross-functional global team to provide our customers with value, quality, and on-time results.

ITC has built a legacy working to solve customer’s needs and concerns with advanced research and product development.

. Learn more About Us, review our Capabilities, and explore our brand Product Lines.

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