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Intuitive Control with RV-C

ITC has been providing durable products to RV manufacturers for over 40 years. With an in-depth history and knowledge of product development across this ever-evolving industry, we pride ourselves on innovation and collaboration with customers. 

With the recent launch of our new RV-C controller, our team is leading the charge in consumer-led technology and lighting control. We recently sat down with RV Account Managers, Drew and Troy, to learn more about how this exciting new technology impacts the end-user and industry at large.

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With the growing demand for end-user-friendly technology, we’ve developed an intuitive interface designed for ultimate lighting control at the consumer level. With embedded intelligence built into the RV control system, RV-C can provide better safety, serviceability, and functionality.

Intuitive Control with RV-C image

RV-C's most noticeable benefits for the end user are customization and control, including the ability to quickly and remotely access system statuses or set personal preferences for lighting, temperature, and timed events. Manufacturers who implement RV-C will have access to a substantial list of possibilities for new designs, keeping RVs inline with many of the smart systems on the market today.

Our Products

As one of the first RV-C compatible RGB(W) controllers, our VersiControl® RGB(W) RV-C Smart System is available in both a 2-zone and 4-zone version, which are both easily integrated into the unit’s digital dash for seamless control. Our user-friendly phone app provides full color control and selection, giving the end-user full access to quickly change lighting preferences as needed.

RV-C is just one of the breakthroughs pushing ITC toward ultimate product integration in the RV industry.


Drew Kazmierczak, RV Account Manager 

With today’s rapidly evolving technology, we’re committed to continued innovation, and our knowledgeable sales team and expert engineers consistently stay up-to-date on new and trending technology. 

Our team is always working to create functional products specifically designed for the RV industry. We offer a variety of RGB(W) controllers and lighting products that can be customized to fit the users preferences. 

We’re seeing a number of OEMs move toward more versatile lighting options with control over color and temperature settings for mood or task lighting. 


Troy Swartzendruber, RV Account Manager 

Our innovative line of RGBW Radiance™ Overhead Lights uses the latest LED technology to guarantee the light output and color of each light match throughout the unit. They’re easy to control via RV-C, and they’re available in a variety of sizes and mounting styles, making them a complementary feature in any unit.

Another convenient RGBW overhead option is our classic Prizm™ Overhead Light. With flush installation and minimal to no back housing, Prizm can be installed in ceilings with limited space above. The timeless aesthetic blends into any environment—traditional or modern—and the seamless control provided by RV-C lets users quickly change the lighting color or temperature to fit their needs.


Custom Capabilities

ITC's commitment to innovation extends to our comprehensive capabilities. Whether tailoring our standard products to your needs, or leading new product development, design, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing, we’re ready to work with you on each project, guaranteeing high quality at every turn.

We’re dedicated to delivering advanced, customer-focused products and custom services, making ITC a trusted partner in the RV industry.

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