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We are ITC

With exceptional service, we deliver inventive, durable products every time.

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Our Story

Founded in 1982, ITC began with a vision to bring innovative solutions to our customers in an increasingly global world. By focusing on talented people, advanced manufacturing techniques, and high-quality engineering, ITC has become a leader across our distinct industries. We create and deliver thousands of products to a broad range of customers who demand impeccable performance. Adaptability and reliability define our superior service, and our customers have come to depend on exceptional results that shape the industries we serve.

Inspired ideas, energized results.

Entrepreneurial spirit thrives here, bringing innovations and unmatched energy to all we do. From design, to production, to product performance, our solutions are shaped by our specialized experience across vertical markets. Meeting deadlines and surpassing quality standards are our highest priorities, and we have the expertise, control, and versatility to deliver truly inventive products on time and to exact specification every time. 

Core Proficiencies

Though we’re continually expanding our capabilities as we diversify our industry reach, we specialize in: 

  • RBG(W) Lighting

  • Lighting Control

  • DC Power & Charging Solutions

  • Vehicle Components & Accessories

  • Global Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Design & Engineering


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Community Impact

At ITC, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to the community that supports us. We regularly donate to local organizations in need, sponsor employee outreach initiatives, and continually work towards reducing our ecological footprint. 

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As a lead manufacturer of LED lighting, we’re committed to reducing our ecological footprint and educating our customers on the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting. 

As a company, we continue to implement sustainable practices at our facilities in the US and in China including:


  • Using energy-efficient LEDs in our offices and warehouses

  • Hosting a robust recycling program for our employees that includes glass bottles, cans, paper, and plastics

  • Transitioning from foam dishware to biodegradable paper products in our offices

  • Reusing label paper and packaging in our China production facility to recycle approximately 3500 lbs. of material per year

  • Installing a water recycling system in our testing facility, reducing our water consumption by approximately 40,000 gallons per year

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