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Introducing Luna™ Eclipse

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Luna™ Eclipse Flex Light! This sleek solution features a tinted silicone jacket designed to seamlessly blend into units with dark finishes. Available in several colors, channel options, and custom lengths, this highly versatile flex light is sure to elevate your next build. 

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Built for Durability

This IP66 rated flex light option is ideal for applications in harsh environments. Whether hitting the waves or lighting the trails off road, Luna Eclipse is built for durability and protection from water and dirt ingress. 

Seamless Integration

With a dark grey silicone exterior, Luna Eclipse is the perfect compliment for boats and vehicles with dark finishes. The tinted diffused sleeve effortlessly blends with black and grey interiors and exteriors without disrupting the original design. 

Versatility in Lighting

Available in single-color, dual, or RGB color temperatures, this is a truly versatile lighting option. Easily find the perfect LED selection for task lighting, visual interest, or flexible control. Luna Eclipse is also compatible with our VersiControl™ controller line, making it a user-friendly lighting solution. 

Flexible Installation

With white plastic, black plastic, aluminum, and custom color mounting channel options, Luna Eclipse is compatible with several mounting styles for any desired aesthetic. It’s available in a variety of lengths, including custom lengths, making it easy to install for all projects.


Visit the full product listing to explore technical specs, installation instructions, and more. 

Luna Eclipse