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Spring Picks: High-Performance Products

With warmer weather comes a surge in outdoor activity, and more and more consumers are looking for convenient amenities and sleek design when making a large purchase like a boat, RV, or low speed vehicle. With customers on the hunt for multi-purpose spaces, we offer a variety of integrated product solutions designed with the end user’s experience in mind.

Whether looking to enjoy a day trip, long-term travel, or neighborhood convenience, consumers want products built to perform in diverse elements, and with unique functions. From powerful charging, to versatile lighting, to intuitive safety features, we have a variety of spring picks to ensure this season is a success.

High power, high performance.

Spring Picks: High-Performance Products

In today’s technological world, we rely on our devices even when we’re off the grid. Camping, boat days, and cruising the neighborhood are no longer reasons to stay unplugged, and integrated charging is an expectation. From discreet USB outlets to flexible charging holders, we offer durable charging solutions and custom options to seamlessly integrate into any space. 

Our unique Rotating Phone Charger is a popular option for spaces that require hands-free phone access. With a stationary and adjustable arm, users can rotate the holder and secure or remove their phone using one hand. Plus, the charger’s new articulating arm option allows rotation in all directions for even more flexibility for controlling the music, keeping an eye on navigation, and more.

We recently launched an exciting new rectangular shape in our MAX™ Wireless Charger line. With an optional walled housing tray, this is a great option for dash integration, offering powerful triple-coil charging and a secure ledge to keep the phone from sliding around. 

For convenience and flair, our popular USB Drink Holder is a great addition to any boat, RV, or low speed vehicle. Easy to install, this handy holder offers both drink placement and USB-A charging without the hassle of wiring two separate products. Plus, with lit options, this drink holder can truly add a unique visual element to any unit.

Spring Picks: High-Performance Products

Lighting for any activity.

With more young buyers entering the market, many shoppers are looking for ways to incorporate technology with their social lives and lifestyles. From cruising after dark, to late-night bonfires, to task-based lighting needs, addressable flex light is quickly becoming a priority in lighting wish lists.

Our Luna™ Diffused Flex Light is a great option to create mood flexibility for customers—diffusion for a soft, calming glow and RGBW options with an unlimited color palette offer the best of both worlds.  

When it comes to control, customers are looking for user-friendly, integrated control options and app control. Our VersiControl™ Addressable RGB(W) Smart System Plus is the perfect solution to ensure total versatility, allowing customers to quickly change the lighting in their space to compliment the mood and activity.

Safety and security, all season long.

Spring Picks: High-Performance Products

Discreet courtesy lighting is an important addition to any space where customers spend time after dark. With forward facing and wall wash light options, our Bullet™ Courtesy Light offers flexibility in light spread while the stainless-steel bezel stands up to harsh exterior environments.

Though sustainability is an essential component for many consumers today, safety always comes first. Our Attune™ Solar Assist Handle is the perfect blend of function and power, providing up to 60 hours of lighting with no external battery required. 

Attune offers a gentle, low-output light source for visibility in the dark without a harsh glow. Plus, with the solar cell on the top of the handle, the light source is also directed downward for additional glare reduction.