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Product Picks for Boating Safety

With summer officially here, we’re supporting safe boating by highlighting a few of our top products designed to improve safe boating practices. While we support end-user safety techniques including life jacket access and boating certifications, we also offer a variety of products that intrinsically make boats safer.

From lighting for visibility and docking, to powerful charging to keep devices fully-charged in case of emergencies, to durable assist handles for entering and exiting a vessel, we have a complete spread of trusted designs for ultimate boater protection.

Visibility with powerful illumination. 

Whether floating at sunset or returning from a cruise after dark, an extra burst of light is ideal for double checking the surrounding water or locating the dock. Our powerful Spreader™ Light offers an unobtrusive design with powerful light output, making it a perfect compliment for any vessel.

SHOUL™ Underwater Light
SHOUL™ Underwater Light

In rocky waters, visibility is key when moving around the deck. Our sleek Ace™ Courtesy Light offers the most in illumination and aesthetics. With a watertight design, it’s made of interior or exterior applications, and will elevate any boat while providing essential wayfinding at dusk. 

In addition to unique visual interest and attracting fish, underwater lighting offers visibility for other boats. Our expertly engineered SHOUL™ Underwater Light is available with RGBW and dual-color lighting options for any preference. Featuring innovative temperature technology to prevent damage, SHOUL ensures consistent light output, while a corrosion-resistant bronze housing provides a high-end finish.

Our marine lighting collection is engineered for durability and includes unique options for lighting control, docking lighting, courtesy lighting, and other solutions created with safety in mind.

Integrated charging, user-friendly control.

From navigation, to lighting control, to emergency contact access, keeping phones charged while out on the water is a requirement for today’s boaters. In addition to powerful charging, accessibility is also key. Our innovative Rotating Phone Charger keeps a phone fully charged while also giving users easy hands-free access. With an articulating arm option for even greater control, this charger is made for life at the helm.

MAX™ Magnetic Wireless Charger
MAX™ Magnetic Wireless Charger

When spending time on the boat, customers are looking for convenience, security, and accessibility in their charging products. We’ve recently launched two exciting new solutions for users to stay securely charged. Our new MAX™ Magnetic Wireless Charger incorporates a magnet to hold the phone securely in place while charging, while the shallow depth and small footprint make it a versatile solution for dash and storage pocket applications.

For another easily accessible option, our MAX™ Rectangular Wireless Charger is available with an optional low-profile housing tray to prevent phone slippage while keeping the device at hand during charging. Clean and modular, this charger can easily be integrated into any design.

Durable assist handles for true stability.

From dockside to exterior boat applications, a durable assist handle provides essential security when boarding or disembarking from a vessel. We offer two unique options to compliment any aesthetic. 

Our Straight IllumaGrip™ Assist Handle offers a clean design, lighting capabilities for ultimate visibility, and is built to withstand harsh exterior environments. For a truly classic design, our 7” Stainless Steel Assist Handle is unobtrusive, yet offers peace of mind and added safety for all users, as well as being an ideal complement to interior or exterior spaces.