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ITC Specialty Vehicles: Q&A with Jason Huxford

The Specialty Vehicles division at ITC is a unique and specialized team with over 40 years of experience and technical knowledge in electronics and lighting. Our engineers are highly trained to meet stringent requirements and develop custom solutions for our customers. We consistently deliver advanced products, designed and engineered to our customers’ specific needs.

We recently connected with ITC’s Specialty Vehicles Regional Manager, Jason Huxford, to learn more about his role and how ITC is distinctly positioned to expertly serve our Specialty Vehicle customers.

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Q: Can you tell me a bit about your career history and how you became ITC’s Specialty Vehicles Regional Manager?

A: I owned my own landscape business early on, which was a great way to get familiar with every aspect of sales, marketing, and customer service. After that, I spent twelve years managing accounts for a wine and spirits distributor, which was great while the company was family owned, but once the company went national, I found myself missing the family atmosphere. 

ITC hired me on in 2017 and I’ve been thrilled to be part of such a dynamic team that truly puts employees and customers first. The nature of this company really allows us to work with each customer closely, whether on a custom project or existing product order, and I appreciate the flexibility of our team here.

Q: Why is ITC uniquely positioned to serve Specialty Vehicle customers?

A: ITC provides a unique advantage to specialty vehicle OEMs by presenting a seamless way of outfitting their models with new tech.

By working with our engineering and production teams directly, we offer our customers better prices and custom product development options that they can't get from aftermarket companies.

Q: Where does ITC excel in the Specialty Vehicles industry?

A: Because we have decades of experience developing lighting and electronics products for industries that require durability in harsh environments, we’re able to engineer wireless charging, courtesy lighting, and ground effects lighting products that are truly built to last in interior and exterior applications. We also specialize in table systems and have developed a variety of sturdy table systems in both floor and wall mount options, and various table top sizes. 

One of ITC’s greatest strengths is in our ability to work with customers on custom projects—whether outfitting an existing product or creating something entirely from scratch, we have the advanced capabilities to produce products that meet our customers’ exact needs.

Q: Which recent projects have you most enjoyed working on?

A: I really enjoy the diversity of projects I get to work on here at ITC. From large-scale table applications like the Club Car Cru to accessibility-focused transport like Family Time’s mobility scooter transport cart—It’s great to develop relationships with each customer knowing we can provide exactly what they need.

Q: Where is ITC headed next with Specialty Vehicles?

A: We’ve got several innovative new wireless charging projects in the works, as well as updates to our existing chargers, that I’m excited to start sharing with customers. I’m looking forward to strengthening my existing relationships and bringing impressive new tech to this quickly evolving industry. 

We have an incredible engineering team that works hard to bring custom solutions to life, and our capabilities in terms of customization make working with customers on unique projects one of the best parts of my job.

Q: When you’re not at work, what are you most likely doing?

It really depends on the season. Summer I’m out on my boat or at my tiki bar watching the St. Louis Cardinals. In the fall I coach youth football and attend a lot of Ball State, MSU, and Indianapolis Colts football games. I also have three doodles that take up a lot of my attention.