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Summer Essentials: Marine

With summer nearly in full swing, boat owners and prospective buyers are preparing for the season. From safety certifications and harbor reservations, to trip-planning and new model research, customers are getting excited for long days on the water and looking for the technology and convenience that will truly enhance their boating experiences this year.

We’re seeing a growing number of boaters interested in flexibility, aesthetics, and user-friendly technology when it comes to their recreational spaces. With the summer season quickly approaching, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite upcoming trends and the products that best compliment them.

Events on the Water

Summer Essentials: Marine

Summer is a time of festivals, holidays, and neighborhood parties on the water, and boaters frequently anchor up at the sandbar or raft a group of vessels together for a day of fun. As younger generations are embracing the investment into a boat, they’re always looking for exciting ways to incorporate technology with their social lives and lifestyles.

From late-night cruising, to holiday celebrations, addressable flexible lighting is quickly becoming a game changer in marine lighting setups. Our Luna™ Diffused Flex Light is a great option to create mood flexibility for customers—diffusion for a soft, calming glow or RGBW options with an unlimited color palette offer the best of both worlds.  

When it comes to control, customers are looking for user-friendly, integrated control options and app control. Our VersiControl™ Addressable RGB(W) Smart System is the perfect solution to ensure total versatility, allowing customers to quickly change the lighting in their unit to compliment the mood and activity.

Summer Essentials: Marine

Staying Connected

Staying in touch with the outside world via phone or internet is nothing new, but in recent years, many families and individuals are looking for ways to unplug and reset during social gatherings. Though being intentional with screen time is a priority for many, it doesn’t come at the cost of safety or convenience—boaters need their devices fully charged for navigation, music, and emergencies. 

Our Vertical and Horizontal Phone Pockets are convenient, space-saving, and ideal for intentionality when it comes to phone use. They provide a safe, secure spot to store phones and keep them fully charged, while protecting them from choppy waves and capitalizing on unused space in the dash, side tables, or cabinetry. 

Summer Essentials: Marine

Flexible Spaces 

A day on the water would be incomplete without plenty of drinks, snacks, and games, making a sturdy and reliable table system  an essential feature of any boat. Many boaters today are also interested in modular and flexible spaces that easily cater to their needs.

Whether enjoying a day on the water with friends and family or getting a bit of work done on deck, more customers are creating multi-functional spaces in areas that used to be reserved for recreation only. 

Our Cypress™ Table Leg & Base System is engineered with durable aluminum to ensure a secure, wobble-free surface, even when used in a single leg application. The twist-lock floor base ensures a superior connection, while quick, easy removal makes this system perfect to stow away in situations where users need more space.