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Lighting Control: Intuitive Versatility

Dynamic, powerful lighting is essential to the evolution of recreational spaces like boats, RVs, and specialty vehicles. As the needs and uses for these spaces shift, customers expect the technology to keep up with their needs. 

Many individuals are broadening their practices in spaces that used to be reserved purely for entertainment, and they’re looking for the flexibility to effortlessly go from work to play. This is where versatile, user-friendly lighting control comes into play. Lighting is one of the most impactful elements on the mood and functionality of a space, and customers expect to easily control how their spaces are lit. 

Discover VersiControl® and ensure consistent, user-friendly control for any interior or exterior application. With easy installation and control options for a variety of needs and price points, our systems let users curate RGB(W) lighting in their particular space. 

Explore our favorite lighting control systems below, including options for single, dual, and four-zone systems, as well as addressable control for endless color selection, simultaneous color display, fading, chasing, cool-to-warm, and additional custom modes.

VersiControl™ Addressable RGB(W) Smart System

This addressable smart system is a true RGB(W) controller providing fades, chasing modes, and a virtually unlimited color palette. 

With the functionality to independently control two standard RGB(W) zones of lighting and two addressable zones, the intuitive system and easy visuals make controlling the lights functional and fun.

VersiControl™ RGB(W) Smart System

This smart system is available in both a two-zone and four-zone version and can be integrated into a unit’s digital dash for seamless control. 

With intuitive operation and simple user-friendly controls, this versatile system blends perfectly into any unit. Additional app control offers further customization, allowing users to truly curate the lighting in their unit to suit changing needs or tasks.

VersiControl™ RGB(W) Bluetooth Controller

Compatible with all VersiColor™ RGB(W) lighting products, this controller uses the ITC app for user-friendly, full control of color, dimming, fade speed, and more. 

With competitive pricing, this bluetooth controller offers realistic RGB(W) incorporation into entry-level units, while its simple wiring allows for easy installation making this control perfect for integrating into any space.