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Introducing ITC’s First AC Flex Light: Peak™

Last month we announced the official launch of Peak™ AC Flex Light—our first AC flexible lighting solution. This innovative new flex light runs on AC power, requiring no additional transformers. Planning for transformer placement is one of the most significant hurdles in the architecture and design lighting industry—Peak seamlessly solves the issue, as it can be powered from one location.

Introducing ITC’s First AC Flex Light: Peak™

Peak not only eliminates the material cost of additional transformers, but it also greatly reduces labor costs. It can be cut-to-length in our facility in Hudsonville, MI for shorter lead times and easily daisy chained to your desired length using our new connector system, which allows the flex light to wrap around 90° angles.

This durable flex light solution features a strong polyurethane housing, fused lead wires to protect the light from damage, and high-efficiency LEDs to provide superior light output from end to end.

Available in 3000K and 4000K, Peak is hardwired for both interior or exterior applications, making it the perfect solution for your next project.


Introducing ITC’s First AC Flex Light: Peak™

Quick Features:

  • Direct wire-to-building electrical system
  • Requires no power supply 
  • Can be installed in lengths up to 164’ 
  • Consistent dimmable light output throughout the entire length of strip
  • Robust polyurethane housing protects during installation from environmental damage 
  • Each wire comes standard with inline fuse protection
Introducing ITC’s First AC Flex Light: Peak™

Approved & Tested Dimmers:


  • SCL-153P
  • CTCL-153P
  • DVCL-153P
  • RCL-153PNL
  • CTCL-150
  • TGCL-153PH


  • IPL06-10M
  • DSL06-1TW

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Peak™ AC Flex Light

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