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ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation

As we jump into 2024, we want to take a moment to celebrate a remarkable year in product development in 2023. With our experience across Marine, RV, Architectural, Workplace and other industries, ITC is uniquely positioned to develop products that cater to industries that demand durability, as well as specialized customer needs. Our commitment to delivering excellence across these diverse markets sets us apart, allowing us to not only meet industry standards, but redefine them.

In the landscape of innovation where each industry calls for a tailored approach, we proudly launched 29 unique product solutions throughout 2023. Each product was designed to fulfill an unmet need, improve an existing product, or resonate with our specific customer base. Join us as we share a few highlights from our catalog of new and updated offerings.

ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation


Tilting MOD™ Table Leg System

Rounding out our MOD leg lineup, we introduced an innovative tilting capability to our already highly functional MOD design. This unique feature, exclusive to ITC, gives the system even more versatility in compact spaces.

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ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation


LED Pin Light

Small improvements make a major impact, and we upgraded our LED Pin Light with innovative new features: ARGB and wide-angle capabilities. With a small footprint for easy installation, this powerful pin light offers ultimate illumination in a compact size.

Discover LED Pin Light Improvements

ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation



Luna™ Diffused Flex Light

Now available with reduced width RGB(W) and 17mm end caps, we’re committed to refining and enhancing our existing products to work with the individual needs of our customers and stay up-to-date with industry trends. 

Discover the New Luna™

ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation


Attune™ Solar Assist Handle

An RV-exclusive product that requires no wiring, this innovative grab handle is a convenient and eco-friendly solution for safety and visibility. Attune can provide up to 60 hours of lighting on a full charge, making it a functional and effortless addition.

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ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation


RGBW Radiance™ Overhead Lights 

Tailored for RVs, our RGBW Radiance Lights offer versatility with three size options and four mounting possibilities. With a traditional puck light form, these lights are an effortless upgrade without changing existing ceiling designs. 

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ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation



Surface Mount USB

Perfect for RVs and specialty vehicles, our Surface Mount USB is ideal for shallow-depth installations. A highly practical charger with USB-A and USB-C, this compact solution compliments any unit. 

Discover Surface Mount Convenience

Architectural Innovations

ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation


Peak™ AC Flex Light

Wire directly into a build with no power supply needed—Peak is a game-changer in architectural lighting and the first AC flex light in our collection. Featuring a strong PVC housing for exterior environments, fused lead wires for protection, and high-efficiency LEDs, Peak is built to last.

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ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation


LOOK™ Backlit Shelf Mirror

The first ITC mirror with user-friendly features like dimming, light selection, and a shelf for storage, this highly-functional mirror enhances any space. Stay tuned for even more innovative mirrors and styles coming in 2024.

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Workplace Integrations

ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation



Vi™ USB Desk Charger

This compact charger is designed to blend seamlessly into furniture and desking layouts. With a USB-A and USB-C port plus 90w of charging capacity, It’s powerful enough to charge laptops, tablets, and phones. 

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ITC’s 2023 Product Review: A Year of Innovation



Vi™ Phone Charger

Elevate the workspace with our Vi Phone Charger. Delivering both style and functionality, this handy charger keeps phones in the sightline while offering inductive, USB-A, and USB-C ports to charge up to three devices at once, including laptops.

Explore Vi™ Wireless


That's a Wrap!

In 2023, we didn't just launch products—we introduced solutions that seamlessly blend innovation and functionality. As we look back on our 29 new solutions, we're excited about the positive impact they've had and the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more from ITC in 2024, and check out our full 2023 recap below.

ITC’s 2023 Review