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Effortless Illumination with Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting should seamlessly integrate into a space, providing versatile illumination without distraction. As an essential part of any lighting plan, the right overhead lighting option should compliment the space and ensure user-friendly, even lighting for a variety of needs. 

When outfitting a unit with multiple fixtures, it’s important to create a consistent lighting experience. We use energy-efficient LEDs that are MacAdam Ellipse sorted to guarantee color differences between fixtures are completely undetectable. Our lights are carefully tested and designed for consistency, durability, and functionality.

Whether you’re looking for traditional puck lighting, modern linear lighting, or powerful utility lighting, we offer a variety of options designed to meet any aesthetic  or illumination need. Explore a few of our popular products and collections below.

Vogue™ Linear Light

Did you know that one linear light can replace up to four puck lights? Not only does this reduce installation time, but linear lighting can also provide a more evenly lit environment.

With a clean, modern design, the Vogue light compliments both new and renovated spaces. Available in several length and finish options, this light’s high-end construction and easy installation make for a versatile single-color diffused light guaranteed to brighten up any unit.


Effortless Illumination with Overhead Lighting

Radiance™ Collection

One of our most popular LED overhead lighting options, the Radiance collection contains a variety of timeless, power-saving styles to meet your application needs.

A highly functional classic with various mounting and color temperature options. 

Timeless aesthetic with a diffused lens for a soft, pleasing glow.

Bold and bright warm white light featuring more LEDs than the 3” and 3.5”.

3" & 4.5" Glass
The same advanced LED technology, but with high-end glass for a luxe finish.

Radiance X2™ 
Modern design meets cool-touch thermal management technology.



Hux™ Utility Light

With a contemporary design and high-intensity performance, Hux is easy to install and provides even light distribution that will elevate any space.

This high-powered, surface-mount service light is fully dimmable and available in single or dual color LED options.

The bubble optic lens prevents direct visibility of the LEDs, and a diffused lens option provides an even softer light if desired.