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The architectural industry is constantly evolving, and customers expect lighting solutions that can keep up with their changing needs. As a company committed to excellence, we strive to provide a remarkable lighting experience that brings quality and inspiration into architectural spaces. 

We connected with ITC Architectural Sales Manager, Chris Hilldore, to learn more about why ITC is uniquely positioned to serve this industry.

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As we grow with this industry, we’ll continue to develop lighting solutions designed to create spaces that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also technologically advanced and sustainable.

Our Products

The core of ITC’s expertise lies in LED lighting. From mirrors to diffused flex lighting, desk lamps to underwater illumination, our Architectural product collection relies on our ability to engineer and manufacture high-quality, versatile LED lighting

Everything we do in the Architectural industry revolves around LED lighting.

Our innovative Peak™ AC Flex Light redefines possibilities in architectural lighting. Operating on 120V power with 500 lumens per foot, it lets customers enjoy extended run lengths of up to 164 feet. This surpasses the capabilities of our 24V product and offers more flexibility and coverage. Plus, because Peak is hardwired, it eliminates the need for additional power supplies, simplifying application and streamlining the installation experience. 

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While mirrors have remained one of ITC’s most popular products, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the architectural curve. With the release of our newest LOOK™ Backlit Shelf Mirror, we’re embracing user-friendly and design-centric styles.

Distinguished by rounded corners, a built-in shelf, and capacitive touch buttons, the Shelf Mirror provides users with the freedom to choose the direction of light, customizing their illumination experience to suit their needs.

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We recognize current trends in the architectural space and know the importance of providing our lighting reps, and their customer base, the products that they want to purchase.

Alongside this new style, ITC is looking ahead towards the possibility of adding up to five additional mirror styles in the future, each with unique features. 

Our Capabilities

At ITC, our commitment to innovation extends to our comprehensive capabilities. From custom sizing of standard products to full design, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing, our team guides each new idea through the project phases, assuring the highest quality at every turn. We’re dedicated to delivering advanced, customer-focused products and services, making ITC a trusted partner in the architectural and design communities.

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