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Drink Holders: Better Hold, Better Variety

Though the fundamental function of a drink holder has remained the same over time, beverage containers frequently change based on trends, and consumers have an insatiable desire for advancing technology even in common, often-overlooked areas. 

A truly unique drink holder can provide more than just a place to set a cup. From LED lighting for style and visibility, to integrated USB charging ports to keep devices fully powered when out-and-about—drink holders are an often under-utilized feature on a boat, RV, or low-speed vehicle.   

Regardless of your needs or price point, ITC offers a wide range of customizable drink holder combinations. Start with a durable polycarbonate and stainless steel base, then build from there—whether you're looking for lit, unlit, RGB, USB charging, or a mix of styles—we have a perfect solution.

One Style, Endless Customization

Drink Holders: Better Hold, Better Variety

Lit USB Drink Holder

Our lit base drink holder featuring an IP66-rated USB-A charging port eliminates the additional wiring that would be needed for a separate cup holder and charger.

Available with RGB or solid blue LEDs, the holder includes removable rubber pads to hold drinks securely while the stainless-steel rim provides an elevated look in any space.


Drink Holders: Better Hold, Better Variety


Unlit USB Drink Holder

This model compliments boats in every price point and boasts all the same features as our lit version, but with a simple, unlit base.

With an IP66-rated USB-A charging port for convenient power without the extra wiring, this holder is a step up in functionality.


Drink Holders: Better Hold, Better Variety


Standard Model

Keep it classic with our standard model. Perfect for mixing and matching with other styles, this standard drink holder is polished and ideal for seamlessly blending in with units that may feature a combination of lit and unlit holders.

With the same durable rubber pads designed to securely hold drinks while being removable for easy cleaning, this functional drink holder compliments units at every level.


Not seeing what you’re looking for? We offer a full spread of custom product design, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing services.

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