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A Table Leg for Every Application

When choosing an appropriate table leg for a project, there are several variables to consider. From height and installation style to versatility and visual appearance, finding the perfect table support can be challenging. 

If durability is a concern, you’ve come to the right place. Our table legs are all engineered to perform in extreme environments and are constructed with hardwearing materials. Plus, with surface, floor, and wall mount options, we can provide an ideal leg solution for every space or unit.

Discover what makes each ITC table leg unique:



With a recessed-well base, the Surfit leg and base system is virtually flush with the floor when installed. Plus, the 2” diameter steel leg is available in black or silver with 25”, 27”, 29”, and 31” leg-height options making it an easy and complimentary addition to a variety of spaces.


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This unique leg and base system features an innovative threaded lock mechanism, meaning it’s not only easy to install, but also highly secure. With lit or unlit floor mounts and multiple finish options, our 2” diameter Redwood leg will effortlessly unite any space.


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Finally a solution for limited flooring: the Ottawa leg easily attaches to the side wall, freeing up space and eliminating the toe-kick hazard created by floor bases. A spring-loaded latch locks the leg in place while allowing easy removal for storage. With an additional tab on the top to secure the table and prevent vibration, this unique leg is a sturdy mounting option for turbulent spaces.

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Sequoia™ III

Employing a simple twist-lock collar, the Sequoia III system ensures a secure fit with effortless function. With an additional interior structure to transfer weight from the leg to the floor base, this wobble-free system is a great addition to any unit.


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Engineered with durable aluminum, our Cypress leg supports a sturdy, wobble-free table even when used in a single leg application. With a superior twist-lock connection, the leg can be installed on any flat surface making it versatile and secure.


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The innovative MOD Leg system can redefine spaces, acting as a dining table, desk, crafting space, or more depending on the user’s needs. With a 360° swivel, adjustable leg height, and the ability to seamlessly change positions from one mounting location, it’s easy to go from eating to working and more.


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MOD™ Floor

All the benefits of the original MOD system, but with a traditional floor base. Our MOD Floor leg pairs a rotating 360° horizontal arm with a high-quality table base. Plus, quick and easy removal makes this versatile system perfect to stow away when the table is not in use.


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This power distribution table leg system can really brighten up a space. Easily illuminate ITC tabletops with a floor base that’s ready to plug in and quick to install. Plus, simple removal makes the Hemlock leg system ideal to stow away when more space is needed.


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