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Taking on the Neighborhood: LSV Advantages

Low-speed vehicles have been a transportation staple on golf courses, in conference centers, and throughout retirement communities for many years with obvious benefits. Quickly moving people across a large area is not only timesaving and convenient in many settings, but low-speed vehicles offer the unique flexibility to discreetly access places where traditional motor vehicles can’t safely traverse.

In recent years, interest in the conveniences that low-speed vehicles provide has been growing amongst individuals and families looking for a safe and versatile option for work or play around town and in their residential neighborhoods. 

This exciting area of growth is just the beginning of a new wave of low-speed vehicle usage for private individuals. With sustainability, design, and luxury as major selling points for today’s low-speed vehicle consumer, the desire for new technology and upgrades to what we’ve traditionally associated with low-speed vehicles is at an all-time-high. 

A New Take on Family Day 

Courtesy of Club Car®
Courtesy of Club Car®

From neighborhood cleanups and yard sale weekends to summer block parties and family picnics, low-speed vehicles give families easy access to parks and community spaces while making it easy to transport supplies.

With more consumers using LSVs for recreational activities, it makes sense for dealers to consider which amenities will most enhance a user’s experience. Features like an integrated phone charger can provide peace of mind for consumers, knowing they can head out for an entire day and not have to worry about keeping devices powered up without access to their home or car.

In addition to the convenience of easy transportation, consumers are excited about the possibilities of a multifunctional vehicle. Here’s where a sturdy table system really enhances the LSV experience; families can now use their LSV not just to get to the neighborhood beach, but to play a game of cards, enjoy lunch, and keep essential items out of harm’s way.

Taking on the Neighborhood: LSV Advantages

Nights Out in the Neighborhood

The perks of using a low-speed vehicle around residential areas aren’t limited to daytime or formal plans—navigating home after dark or enjoying a late-night bonfire down the street has never been easier.  

With functional and stylish upgrades like LED lit drink holders and addressable RGB(W) flex light, these luxury LSVs are easily visible for safety at night while also being the life of the party. 

Plus, lighting control systems like our VersiControl™ Addressable RGB(W) Smart System give customers total freedom to create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any event—from energetic celebrations to easy cruising down familiar paths.

It's All About Connection

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to connect with others and their environments while maintaining the conveniences we’ve come to rely on. Elevated low-speed vehicles present a unique opportunity for families to merge the community atmosphere they crave with the safety and advantages of easy neighborhood transportation.


Header image courtesy of Club Car®