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Road-Ready Semi Truck Solutions

Navigating the landscape of American roadways, long-haul truckers often spend prolonged time in the cabs of their trucks. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by these users, the semi truck industry is continuing to integrate innovative and user-friendly solutions designed to enhance the users’ environments. For manufacturers, seamless product integration is essential.

For truckers spending long hours on the road, finding comfortable and practical solutions is a top priority. The demand for better lighting and charging options in the limited space of a truck is growing. In spaces where every inch of space matters, ITC focuses on making products that capitalize on the space in a truck's interior. We have a history of designing reliable, highly-engineered products in various industries including marine, RV, and automotive. We’re proud to use our specialized expertise to address the specific needs of truck manufacturers.

Long-lasting, durable lighting is essential for comfort and safety, and our diverse line of lighting products help drivers see and navigate inside their trucks. We offer reading lights, flex light solutions, and other lighting options with a variety of applications and finishes. These solutions not only serve practical purposes but also aim to improve the overall experience for drivers on extended journeys.

Recognizing the importance of staying connected, we also offer phone charging solutions designed for seamless integration into the trucker's lifestyle. As the trucking industry evolves, we prioritize practical and innovative product solutions, making life on the road a bit more comfortable and convenient for those who keep our goods moving.

Explore a Few of Our Top Semi Truck Solutions

Road-Ready Semi Truck Solutions

Horizontal Phone Pocket

Our Horizontal Phone Pocket goes beyond safeguarding devices from the sun—its rubberized interior ensures a secure hold on the phone. Plus, it provides various charging options with both wireless, USB-A, and USB-C capabilities. 

Tailored to accommodate most phone sizes, this charging pocket has been rigorously tested to adhere to safety and energy efficiency charging standards. Rest easy knowing that it comes with a five-year warranty, adding an extra layer of assurance to your device protection and charging needs.


Rotating Phone Charger

This unique Rotating Phone Charger offers convenient phone access with powerful charging technology. Using a stable and adjustable arm, users can effortlessly rotate the holder and secure or remove their phone with just one hand. Plus, our latest articulating arm option takes flexibility to a new level by allowing rotation in all directions. 

Whether you prefer the original design or the new articulated version, both are designed to fit most phone sizes and come equipped with a USB-A or USB-C port conveniently located at the bottom, in addition to being protected by a five-year warranty.

Road-Ready Semi Truck Solutions


View™ Reading Light

Featuring a USB, the View Reading Light is designed with a focused TIR lens to deliver high light output right by the bedside. With a clean and modern aesthetic, this light effortlessly complements any space. 

View not only provides quality lighting but also offers customizable features including dimmable switch options, various finishes to match any style, and the convenient option to include a USB outlet. Elevate any interior with a light that combines functionality with  sleek design.

Reed™ Ultra Thin Horizontal Bend Light

This ultra-thin flex light is a versatile solution with the flexibility to navigate tight curves effortlessly. Thanks to its inventive design and flexible mounting channel, it's not limited to just curves—it can be seamlessly installed in straight applications as well. 

The side-firing LEDs combined with a diffused silicone jacket create a soft, appealing glow that eliminates harsh hot spots or shadowing. Reed is your customizable lighting companion, available in various lengths and standard colors to easily complement any interior or exterior application.


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Our commitment to innovation extends to our comprehensive capabilities. We’re dedicated to delivering advanced, customer-focused products and services, making ITC a trusted partner in the semi truck industry.

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