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Let’s Review 2022

The last year brought immense growth and a lot of exciting changes to ITC. From introducing innovative new products to launching our fresh brand image and website—it’s been a busy season. We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished and grateful for our talented team! Join us in highlighting just a few of our notable achievements and memorable events from throughout 2022:

Let’s Review 2022

The New ITC

After over four decades serving our unique and evolving customer base, we decided it was time for an update to our own brand image. We wanted to bring fresh life to our brand identity while creating a more user-friendly resource for our customers to take advantage of with a new website. After months of work, we couldn’t be happier with the final result! 

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Part of developing the new site into an active resource for our customers included creating relevant content to inform and educate on what ITC does best. From specific product highlights, to trade show recaps, to company updates—we published thirteen unique blog posts last year.

Customers & Events

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After nearly two years of cancellations and remote work, our team was happy to get together with customers for tradeshows and in-person meetings throughout 2022. We showed off our favorite products and our brand-new image at the RV Supplier Show, unique industry lighting shows like Illuminate 2022, and more!

Though we were disappointed in the cancellation of IBEX due to severe weather, we still found the opportunity to meet with customers and share our newest products from the year.

Our Favorite 2022 Marine Products

Let’s Review 2022

We had a big year with product development—with the successful launch of 27 new products, we’re proud of our team and continued growth. With a history of designing and engineering  products for industries that demand durability, we’ve continued to develop unique, innovative solutions to our customers' needs.

Check out a few highlights:

Horizontal Phone Pocket

Ideal for boats, RVs, low-speed vehicles, or any other compact space, our Horizontal Phone Pocket protects devices from the sun while holding them securely in place with a rubberized surface interior.

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VersiControl™ Addressable Smart System

With the functionality to independently control two standard RGB(W) zones of lighting and two addressable zones, this user-friendly smart system provides fades, chasing modes, and a virtually unlimited color palette.

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Vogue™ Linear Light

One Vogue light can replace up to four puck lights while providing a more evenly lit environment. With a clean, modern design, Vogue compliments both new and renovated spaces.

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Let’s Review 2022

Our Culture

At ITC, we’re only as strong as our team. We wouldn’t have had such a successful year without our hardworking and talented employees. Luckily, we all had a bit of fun throughout the year, too! 

From  competing in our annual chili cook off to enjoying sunny boat outings on Lake Michigan, we always make time to enjoy our hard work. We’re excited to continue growing this team, learning together, and making an impact in our community.

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Thanks for coming along on this journey. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023!