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Powerful Illumination with Functional Lighting

When it comes to harsh environments and severe weather exposure, a reliable flood or backup light is an essential fixture for any recreational vehicle. With safety and functionality at the top of the list, users expect powerful LED illumination and corrosion-resistant lighting solutions that will last for years to come.

Whether for enclosed spaces like closets and storage areas, or for work surface and under-cabinet applications, we also offer a broad range of utility lighting that goes beyond the standard with unique features like capacitive touch switches, decorative housings, and easy installation. 

Our trusted line of distinctive porch, flood, backup, and utility lighting is designed and engineered to excel in harsh environments. With diverse mounting, finish, and switch options, we have a lighting solution for every application. 

Explore a few of our most popular functional lighting products below:


Vivid™ Flood Light

This robust flood light features a powerful spot lens that projects light 75 feet in a focused beam, offering more control over light placement. The light’s robust, machined housing and trim ring make it a truly resilient lighting option that will compliment any unit.  

With high-polish stainless steel or black powder coated finish options, durable housing, and the ability to pinpoint bright, white light, Vivid takes flood lighting to the next level.


Nova™ Scene Light

The Nova light’s sleek profile and durable design make it an ideal contemporary exterior light for any application. Highly functional and complimentary on any unit, this powerful light projects light out and down for excellent wide-angle coverage.

With black, white, nickel, or chrome finish options, this versatile light is easy to mount using a center wire exit. Nova will brighten up any space and exceed all exterior illumination needs.

Assurance™ Exterior Flood Light

Using downward directed light for the most effective flood illumination, Assurance is perfect for RV and toy hauler ramp applications. It’s available with a brilliantly clear acrylic or frosted lens and various LED color temperatures.

With easy surface-mount technology, Assurance is available in high-output 385 lumen or standard-output 180 lumen versions. Versatile bezel finish options include black, white, or chrome to seamlessly blend into any application.