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Intuitive Power: Integrated Charging Solutions

Effortless charging is a necessity anywhere people spend prolonged time, ergo offering phone charging solutions has been a standard practice across consumer spaces for many years. From lobbies and waiting rooms to transit, recreational, and luxury spaces, more and more consumers require the ability to charge their devices wherever they are.  

When it comes to highly designed or compact spaces, integrated charging solutions can significantly improve a user’s experience without compromising aesthetic or performance. ITC charging products are designed to seamlessly fit into restricted and high-intensity environments, making our products ideal for application in industries that require durability, discrete design, or customization. 


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With a focus on collaboration, we identify or create charging solutions that work with our customers’ distinct preferences and application needs. Our products are built around high quality engineering, Qi certification to meet all safety and energy efficiency charging standards, and user experience.

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With a diverse selection of charging products, our capabilities extend beyond the surface for truly integrated power in any application. Explore our existing solutions below.

Horizontal Phone Pocket

Ideal for boats, RVs, low-speed vehicles, or any other compact space, our Horizontal Phone Pocket protects devices from the sun while holding them securely in place with a rubberized surface interior. The pocket offers multiple charging options including USB-A, USB-C, and wireless charging, making it a truly versatile solution. 

Sized to fit most phone sizes, the charging pocket is Qi certified for safety, interoperability, and energy efficiency charging standards. From jostling waves, to bumpy two-tracks, this durable pocket is designed to keep phones both fully charged and fully protected without a large footprint.

Phone Dock Wireless Charger

Clean and modular, our phone dock is designed to integrate into an OEM's custom setting—from an RV bedside table to highly-designed corporate office desks. A highly functional and versatile option, the wireless charging puck can be discrete or apparent depending on mounting style. 

Our surface mount option includes a rubberized pad to prevent phone slippage during charging, while an undermount option provides a fully incorporated look. The Qi certified wireless charging coil efficiently charges the phone and meets all stringent safety and technical requirements.

Vertical Phone Pocket

With many similarities to our Horizontal Phone Pocket, the Vertical Pocket is ideal for boats, RVs, low-speed vehicles, and other compact spaces. It not only protects devices from the sun, but also employs triple-coil Qi certified wireless charging technology to meet all charging standards. 

The additional USB-A or USB-C charging ports on the front allow for multiple devices to charge at once, and an indicator light gives visual feedback that the phone is charging. The vertical layout is particularly suited to take advantage of unused dash or cabinet space, and it offers incredibly discrete charging possibilities.

Premium USB Charger

Simple, effective, and ideal for application anywhere charging is desired, our Premium USB Charger provides an elevated look with a blue lit ring and decorative bezel. It seamlessly blends with other components without monopolizing space, while the dual USB-A ports allow charging of two devices at once. With gold contacts and a rubber door, the durable design ensures protection from corrosion and water ingress, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor application.

Rotating Phone Holder

This handy phone holder can mount a phone vertically or horizontally while providing both wireless charging and a USB-A or USB-C port on the bottom. A great option for boats, RVs, or low-speed vehicles, the rotation makes it easy to switch from navigation to music to watching videos depending on the users’ needs. 

With a spring-loaded arm to hold the phone securely—whether in motion or stationary—this charger’s grippy, textured surface prevents sliding and provides a high-end look in any unit.

USB Drink Holder

A great multipurpose product, our USB Drink Holder features a USB-A charging port which eliminates the additional wiring that installing a separate cup holder and charger would require. 

With lit, unlit, or customized options available, this charging option is both versatile and easy to blend with existing styles throughout a unit. A removable rubber pad holds drinks securely in place, while the stainless-steel rim provides an elevated look, making it a highly functional upgrade to any space.