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Off Road Essentials for Hunting Season

‘Tis the season for deer hunting, and modern hunters know the importance of a versatile vehicle for a successful outing. From off road (ORVs) and low speed vehicles (LSVs) to a variety of RVs, there are many popular options for hunters to choose from depending on their needs. 

Whether lighting a campsite after dark, keeping devices charged for the duration of a trip, or creating a functional space to recoup after a day of tracking—the vehicle and its capabilities make a big difference.

When spending a weekend out in the woods, keeping devices fully charged without special effort is an important convenience—upgrades like wireless phone chargers are easy to install in a variety of locations and vehicles, and products like our Vertical and Horizontal Phone Pocket offer the dual benefit of protection and secure charging.

Another important convenience for RVs or campsites is a sturdy and versatile table system. Our MOD™ Table Leg System is a dynamic option that’s both space saving and extremely adaptable. Whether acting as a table for meals or a work surface for preparing and cleaning hunting tools, the MOD Leg’s rotation lets users seamlessly reposition the tabletop to easily complete any task.

Perhaps the most critical upgrade for a reliable hunting vehicle is powerful lighting. For early mornings and late nights, a trusted utility or flood light is an essential addition to keep all woodland adventures well-lit at a moment’s notice.

Read on to discover our top product choices for a successful season of hunting.


Keep phones fully charged—from late nights deer watching to daily treks in and out of the woods. 


Horizontal Phone Pocket

  • Protects devices from the sun 
  • Rubberized surface interior holds the phone securely in place 
  • Sized to fit most phone sizes
  • Qi certified to meet all safety and energy efficiency charging standards

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Vertical Phone Pocket

  • Protects devices from the sun
  • Triple coil Qi certified to meet all safety and energy efficiency charging standards
  • Additional USB-A/C charging ports on front 
  • Indicator light to show phone is charging

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Rotating Phone Holder

  • Designed to blend with any OEM dash without competing visually with other switches and gauge clusters
  • Charging options include: wireless only, wireless with USB-A, and wireless with USB-C
  • Qi certified to meet all wireless needs for safety and energy efficiency

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Phone Dock Wireless Charger

  • Versatile and low-profile design
  • Designed to charge and operate within the phone's thermal parameters
  • Qi certified to meet all wireless needs for safety and energy efficiency

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From meal prep to hunting prep, a versatile table system will last all season, and for years to come.


MOD™ Table Leg System

  • Rotating 360° horizontal arm paired with a durable table base
  • Wobble-free, multi use surface 
  • Quick and easy removal
  • Available with wall or floor mount

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A well-lit camp is a safe camp.


Nova™ Scene Light

  • Sleek profile and durable design
  • Black, white, nickel, or chrome finish options
  • IP66 rated for water protection
  • Ideal contemporary exterior light

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HUX™ Utility Light

  • High-powered, surface-mount service light
  • Fully dimmable and single or dual color LED options
  • Bubble optic lens prevents direct visibility of LEDs
  • Diffused lens option provides softer light

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Assurance™ Exterior Flood Light

  • Easy surface-mount technology
  • Available in high-output 385 or standard-output 180 lumen
  • downward directed light for flood illumination
  • Ideal for RV and toy hauler ramp applications

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