Hardtop Light [VersiColor RGBW, Bi - & Tri-]

SKU: 69670

This watertight light is complete with a diffused lens and white chip for high-quality white. It’s available in VersiColor™ RGBW, bi-color, and tri-color options with a white or polished stainless steel bezel.

  • Dual Color Dual Color
  • VersiColor® VersiColor®

Housing Material Specs

Aluminum, powder coated

Voltage Specs

10-14V DC

Wattage Specs

White: 6W
Blue & Red: 2W

Current Specs

White: 0.5A
Blue & Red: 0.18A


White: 200LM
Blue: 12LM
Red: 37LM

Cutout Dimensions