Two people in yellow and black four-wheeled off-road vehicle driving on dirt trail

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With advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality engineering, ITC is a leader across industries that demand durability. We specialize in the production of low-voltage products, designed to perform in harsh environments and tailored to the distinct application requirements of our customers. Owning our manufacturing and assembly operations gives us the control and versatility to deliver inventive custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

Specialty Vehicles Products

Engine Room Light Side
Engine Room Light
Luna Diffused Courtesy Light
Luna™ Diffused Courtesy Light
Elara 116 LM/FT
Elara™ Watertight Flexible LED Linear Light
Reed™ Ultra Thin Horizontal Bend Light
Reed™ Ultra Thin Horizontal Bend Light
Wander™ Horizontal Bend Diffused Light
Wander™ Horizontal Bend Diffused Light
Robi™ COB Flexible Light
Robi™ COB Flexible Light
Drink Holder with LED Base Front
Drink Holder with LED Lit Base
Spreader™ Light Black Perspective
Sheen™ Low Profile Light
Compass Color Selection Reading Light Brushed Nickel
Compass™ Color Selection Reading Light
Classic™ LED Cluster Reading Light
Directional Reading Light Nickel
Directional Reading Light
Anya™ Rectangular Courtesy Light Front
Anya™ Rectangular Courtesy Light
Décor™ LED Color Selection Overhead Light
Décor™ LED Color Selection Overhead Light
LED Pin Light blk
LED Pin Light
Compass™ Swivel Overhead Light
Compass™ Swivel Overhead Light
3.5″ Radiance™ LED Overhead Light
3.5″ Radiance™ LED Overhead Light
Radiance™ Color Selection
Radiance™ Color Selection
69331SS-3-3KE Push Lens Switch Courtesy
LED Push Lens Switch Courtesy Light
4.5″ Radiance™ LED Overhead Light
LED Linear Storage Compartment Light
High Performance Linear LED Utility Light
690261 LED Linear Utility Light
Touch Switch LED Linear Undercabinet Task Light
690030-055-BR-3000 Guide PIR light chrome
Guide™ PIR Courtesy Light
VersiControl Smart System
VersiControl™ RGB(W) Smart System
21005 Digital Dimmer Switch
Digital Dimmer Switch
Compel™ LED Linear Light
PIR Occupancy Sensor
PIR Occupancy Sensor
USB Drink Holder Feature
USB Drink Holder
LED Lit Stainless Steel Drink Holder
Décor™ Spring Mount LED Cluster Overhead Light
View™ LED Reading Light
Bella™ LED Reading Light
Refresh™ Shower Light
Beam™ LED Image Projection Light
Backlit Logo Badge
Nova™ Scene Light
RV LED Porch Light
Assurance™ Exterior Flood Light
Hardtop Light [VersiColor RGBW, Bi - & Tri-]
LED Hitch Light
LED Closet Light
Push Lens Courtesy Light
Button LED Courtesy Light
Modular Docking Light
Modular High Output Docking Light
Vivid Flood Light_Stainless
Vivid™ Flood Light
Oblong Courtesy Light
Oblong LED Surface Mount Courtesy Light
LED Courtesy Light
Surface Mount LED Courtesy Light
Round Courtesy Light_Stainless Steel
Small Round LED Courtesy Light
LED Down Courtesy Light_Black
LED Down Courtesy Light
Baitwell Courtesy Light
Baitwell Courtesy Light
License Plate Light_Black Finish
License Plate Light
Hux Overhead Light_Chrome Finish
Hux™ Utility Light
Radiance X2™ Overhead LED Light
Eminence Nickel
Eminence™ LED Overhead
3” Radiance™ Overhead LED Light
Single or Two-Color LED Hardtop Light
3″ & 4.5” Glass Radiance™ LED Light
VersiControl™ Simplified RGB(W) Controller
VersiControl™ RGB(W) Bluetooth Controller
21090 Knob Controller
VersiControl™ RGB Four Zone Knob Controller
21080-18 Signal Amplifier
VersiControl™ RGB(W) Signal Amplifier
VersiControl™ RGB Fixed Color Selection Module
21030-B Back lit Dimmer Switch
Backlit LED Digital Dimmer
Stainless Steel Wine Glass Holder [VersiColor]
Stainless Steel Wine Glass Holder [VersiColor]
Bullet™ Courtesy Light