Blinker Light

SKU: TPB1202, RNLL1202

Using two-color amber/white, our blinker light is customizable to an individual vehicle’s headlight or taillight assembly. Featuring either Luna™ (IP66) or Astra™ (IP64), any blinker light can be modified for specific assembly needs.

Voltage Specs

13.6V DC

Wattage Specs

White: 3.4W/FT  
Amber: 3.1W/FT

Current Specs

White: 0.25A/FT  
Amber: 0.23A/FT


White: 225LM/FT  
Amber: 38LM/FT

IP Rating

Astra Two-Color: IP64                  
Luna Two-Color: IP66

UV Stable


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