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ITC Incorporated Introduces New Table Systems

September 27th, 2019 by oliviam

HUDSONVILLE, Mich., September 25, 2019 | ITC Incorporated announces the release of a New Table System that includes a powered option with lit accessories.

ITC utilized technology innovation, world-class design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to bring an industry-changing table system to market. The new table system will be revealed by ITC at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX), October 1-3 in Tampa, FL. Booth #3-512.

Building upon their popular table legs, ITC is launching a complete table system.  ITC will offer a “one-stop shop” when it comes to ordering their table legs with a new line of molded table tops which includes a powered option with lit accessories. Additional features that customers can chose to incorporate into the table system include cup stabilizing drink holder inserts, decorative trim rings for drink holders, non-slip inserts for cell phone/small item storage areas, and padded center tray mats.

The highlight of the new table system includes ITC’s powered table option.  Using industry first technology, the powered tables include lighting capabilities around drink holders and table perimeter lights, as well as USB charging. Through a patent pending connection point between the leg and table top the table system users can quickly and easily remove and store the leg and top as needed.

Taking the system one step further ITC also offers Custom Design Solutions allowing customers to customize the table tops to fit their needs with a low minimum order quantity. Customers can work with ITC’s design team to develop the perfect table shape and size with the options their customers want most.

“The new ITC Table System delivers a micro-environment on board that becomes the heart of the party, just as the kitchen table is at home.”, Says ITC Marketing Manager Kelli Gierz.  “With basic-to-bling options such as drink holders with lit or unlit stainless steel trim rings, cell phone holder with optional charging, that are coupled with one of our great leg options, this table system fills any needs a boater may have to host an on-board party.”

ITC aims to combine a unique solution that works with the aesthetics of each customers models boat and a “one stop shop” purchasing from a qualified, experienced partner.

ITC takes pride in continually delivering innovative, quality driven products to the marine industry; as they have done for nearly 40 years.  For more information on ITC or their new Table System, contact the sales team at or visit them online at

View table systems here.

ITC Goes to Lansing

September 19th, 2019 by oliviam


Two of ITC’s leadership team members, Scott Wright and Grant Cheney attended NMMA’s Michigan Fly-in. The event saw attendees from all corners of the marine industry and aimed to build relationships with legislators and provide a better understanding of the marine industry and the impact it has on the local economy. Topics of the event included workforce development and the impact of invasive species on the industry.

ITC was proud to have representation at the event and be part of the discussion around the challenges and opportunities within the marine industry.

2019 Summer Event

September 4th, 2019 by oliviam

Last week the ITC Hudsonville team, and their families, were invited to the annual summer event. For 2019, we hosted the event right here at the ITC Global Headquarters. The event included a catered dinner, yard games, a blow up slide and time for employees and their families to gather together.

Mike, Sue, Tom and Kelli















During the event, employees with milestone work anniversaries were recognized by ITC President, Mike Camarota. Sue, our Accounts Receivable Specialist, celebrates 15 years with ITC. Tom, our Controller celebrates 5 years. Kelli, ITC Marketing Manager, also celebrates 5 years with the company.

During the event, employees could buy tickets for a raffle, or the opportunity to dunk members of the senior management team. All of the money raised was donated to buy school supplies for the Malabog Central Elementary School in the Philippines. Thanks to these generous donations, and the brave senior managers, we were able to raise over $600!

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the ITC 2019 summer event!


ITC President Speaks at Annual Party

January 22nd, 2019 by oliviam

ITC Incorporated has three owned and staffed locations, Hudsonville, MI, Elkhart, IN, and Guandong Province, China. We have a tradition of celebrating with our co-workers throughout the year, and as has become a tradition Mike Camarota, president of ITC, addresses the employees during the celebrations.

The below is the transcript of Mike’s address given at the 2018 Annual Year End celebration for our China location.

Mike highlights some of the exciting developments that are coming in 2019 and lays out guidelines for continued development of the ITC culture.

Annual Party Address | Mike Camarota | January 2019

It is once again a great honor to speak at the ITC annual party. My only regret is that I cannot be with you in person this year. I truly enjoyed being present for the event the past two years. The team does an amazing job of organizing the event and I know many of you have put in hours of practice on your skits. I expect some of them will be funny, others impressive and all entertaining. Each will include energy and enthusiasm. It is this energy and enthusiasm that contributed to ITC’s success in 2018.

If 2017 was the year of physical expansion, 2018 was the year of operational and personal advancement. At ITC alone, we added 34 new positions, countless work instructions, and new processes that strengthened all of our teams. Our vendors followed our example and changes are notable in both people and processes that are yielding better and more responsive products and services. Aristotle is reported to have said, ”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” In 2018, we worked very hard to live up to this credo.

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Giving Tuesday 2018

November 27th, 2018 by oliviam

ITC makes a point to donate to charitable organizations all year round through the Sharing and Caring Committee. For #GivingTuesday we wanted to hear from the ITC Team about what causes they’re passionate about and why.

Benjamin’s Hope – Shelly Bangma, Quality Technician

Benjamin’s Hope is a “live, work, play, worship” intentional community where people of all abilities are connecting with one another. It is a home to 25 adults with a range of intellectual and developmental differences, including autism. It is very rewarding to be able to spend time with the residents and have them allow me to be part of their family. This is a place where the sun always shines, and happiness is overflowing! I am so thankful for all they do and am blessed to be a part of their journey. Learn more about Benjamin’s Hope:


Michigan CASA – Kelli Gierz, Marketing Manager

I have been involved with Michigan CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for six years and was recently elected to their board. I feel strongly about CASA because the organization helps to break the cycle of abuse and neglect of children in our state by providing these kids an opportunity to see a positive path with supportive people to guide them. Learn more: 



Compassion International – Melissa Shinsky, Quality Admin

Compassion International is a Christian child development organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty. Through sponsorship, children are able to participate in a church-based program that offers life-changing benefits such as educational opportunities, health care, and nourishing food. Learn more about Compassion International:



Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation – Marie Britton, Purchasing Associate

 The Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation (GRGYF) is a free hockey program for kids in 1st through 12th grades.  Established in 1995, the foundation provides hockey equipment, ice time and coaching staff for approximately 360 kids each year, allowing them the opportunity to participate in a sport that they otherwise may not be able to afford to play.

This program not only teaches kids how to play hockey.  It teaches them respect, discipline and how to work within a team.  There is diversity among players and the participants often play on coed teams and with players who have physical and mental disabilities such as hearing impairment, ADHD and Autism.  In addition to that, the foundation promotes community involvement, healthy lifestyles and academic excellence among the youth of West Michigan, enhancing their lives through hockey and ice-related sports.

I have donated my time and resources to this organization for the past 11 years because my son has been an active participant for all of those years.  I enjoy giving back to a program that has given so much to the kids in my community. Learn more:

Hope Water International – Todd Sadler, Sales Account Manager

Hope Water International is a non-profit organization that raises money to drill deep water wells that do not dry up during the dry season in West Africa.  This is the most reliable method to provide these people access to clean water.  I have previously run three ½ marathons for this great cause.  Each person raises money in support of their marathon run.  This year our team has raised over $125,000.  All proceeds go to Hope Water International to provide clean water to the people of Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Learn more:


BISSELL Pet Foundation – Olivia Mashak, Social Media Marketing Assistant 

BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) is a nonprofit organization that helps to reduce the number of animals in shelters/rescues by providing funds for adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping and foster care. I have served on the BPF Junior Board of Directors for four years. I support BPF because they work every day to help shelters animals find loving, “furever” homes, while also working to put an end to puppy mills through funding and education. Learn more about the BISSELL Pet Foundation:


Gugma sa Kabataan – Marilou Calvert , Engineering Program Manager 

Gugma sa Kabataan (Love for the children) is a local non-profit organization in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines that provides a place for street children to enjoy survival, development, protection and participation towards a transforming community with HOPE, FAITH and LOVE. Their goal is to prevent the children (who are victims of abuse and neglected by families) from choosing the street to be their home or place of livelihood. I am donating to this organization because the Volunteers work so hard to mentor these kids who are facing tough life challenges. They help them grow emotionally, academically and spiritually. To learn more about this organization, visit:

ITC Celebrates Boss’s Day 2018

October 16th, 2018 by oliviam

October 16 is Boss’s Day, a day dedicated to showing appreciation for leaders and improving relationships between supervisors and employees. At ITC we’re lucky to have managers who consistently think outside of the box and work together to create innovative and effective business practices, while keeping in mind their staff. In honor of the day we asked some of our management team what their leadership style is.
































ITC President Speaks on Employee Engagement

July 20th, 2018 by oliviam

An ongoing concern for business is the recruitment and retention of employees. On July 19, ITC President, Mike Camarota presented to the Hudsonville Chamber of Commerce on how to create an engaged workforce. ITC Incorporated was awarded the Most Engaged Workplace Award in 2017 by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. Throughout his presentation, Camarota discussed why employee engagement matters, how having an engaged workforce benefits employees and the employer, and how to create an office environment that cultivates engagement.

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ITC Kaizen Event

June 29th, 2018 by oliviam

Kaizen /’kīzen/ (noun): a Japanese business philosophy of long term continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency, that result in small, attainable systematic improvements over time.

Kaizen training events review and ensures that each step in a process is standardized, done properly, and efficiently, with the goal of creating an on-going corporate culture of improvement.

Kaizen events are just one of the tactics ITC uses to facilitate continuous improvement of our production process, as well as the products themselves. This process can be used with existing production or as new products are put into production. Using the Kaizen method allows our cross-functional teams to participate together in closely monitoring our processes and making small adjustments that lead to big increases in efficiency and consistency over time. Event participation also provides each team member a better understanding of our product and what goes into the production of it. This insight gives the team the ability to provide better service and information to our customers. Having a versatile group participate in Kaizen events also provides a wide knowledge base to gather feedback to initiate process improvements.

ITC recently held a Kaizen event at our Hudsonville production facility. Led by ITC Production Coordinator, Trent Rezny, this event served as an audit of the standardized production process for one of ITC’s new linear lights. Team members from our production, quality, customer service, engineering, sales, purchasing, and marketing departments were in attendance.

Each ITC production work cell has a printed, standard process protocol posted in the cell. The protocol is a detailed written explanation with step by step photos of each step to be performed within the cell. The posted protocol serves as a guideline for team members, whether they have performed the process before or are new to it. This allows leaders the flexibility to shift team members to positions, as workloads fluctuate, with assurance of a consistent quality result.

During this ITC Kaizen event, Trent read through the proposed production steps/work instructions exactly as they are written. While the instructions were being read aloud, a production team member completed each step exactly as advised and the other attendees observed. Together, the team examined the process step-by-step while looking for things that could be confusing or cause a potential problem. The team also identified any processes that could be completed in a different manner or order to enhance the quality or reduce production time.

“The power of collaboration is really important for events like this,” said Trent. “Each department sees things a little differently and together we are able to find the right path.”

While this type of training can be tedious and time consuming, it’s important because it catches errors that may have been otherwise overlooked and allows for additional quality checks to be put in place.

The Kaizen event at ITC was a successful endeavor that brought the team together in a partnership to ensure best practices are in place as we launch our new linear lighting product.


ITC Incorporated Adds Diversity in 2018 With the Introduction of Two New Brands

May 29th, 2018 by oliviam

ITC expands into the Transportation and Horticulture industries with the launch of innovative LED product collections for each industry.

The ITC Transportation brand introduces LED lighting products that enhance automotive and public commuter travel. Safety and convenience features, that also provide style and ambiance, are the focus for ITC’s Transportation product development. Working closely with automotive and bus manufacturers, ITC is upgrading common forms with added function and creating technology that today’s travelers require.


Horticulture lighting is ITC’s other major innovative advancement introduction. A result of nearly two years of researching, studying, testing, and prototyping is about to be launched in the form of several new LED lighting products. ITC has worked closely with local farm-to-table hydroponic growers, aquaponic growers, floriculture growers, and university researchers to develop a series of LED lighting products specifically designed to enhance growth. ITC Horticulture products are also designed with consideration of maximum coverage while reducing energy usage and improving installation of lights as well as electrical drops.

Stay tuned for ITC Transportation and ITC Horticulture websites!

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ITC Incorporated Announces New Branding for Three Growing Industries

May 29th, 2018 by oliviam

ITC is positioning for its next phase of growth by moving from one umbrella identity to three distinct industry brands. This separation will give each brand the ability to more closely identify with their customer base and provide tools and information tailored to each industry’s needs.

The elio brand, launched in 2008, has been the overarching brand for three different industries: commercial interiors, retail display, and architecture and design (A&D). This growth in all three industries and the addition of several product lines in each, has led ITC to break commercial furniture and retail display off into their own brands while leaving A&D under the elio brand.

In 2018, the commercial interiors brand became ITC Workplace Interiors and retail display transitioned into ITC Retail Display.

Please excuse our digital dust as we work to update our websites.

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