4.5″ Radiance™ LED Overhead Light

SKU: 69240, 69243

With a higher dome and opaque lens, our 4.5” Radiance light can disperse light seamlessly across a space. The larger diameter allows for more LEDs, making it a brighter alternative to the 3” and 3.5” Radiance lights.

  • VersiColor® VersiColor®

Voltage Specs

10-14V DC

Wattage Specs

Surface - Stnd: 3.8W / High: 3.9W  
Recessed: 3.8W

Current Specs

Surface - Stnd: 0.28A / High: 0.29A
Recessed: 0.32A


Surface - Stnd: 258LM / High: 339LM
Recessed: 250LM

Cutout Dimensions

Surface: N/A    
Recessed: 3.5”