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As a manufacturer of LED lighting, ITC is very aware of the high cost of energy and that lighting is one of the biggest energy draws in commercial buildings today. We are passionate about lighting and LEDs, and the energy savings that can be achieved by using LEDs is one of their biggest advantages. We encourage our employees and sales staff to educate consumers about the benefits of LED and are encouraged by the extreme growth the industry is seeing as more and more people become more knowledgeable about this technology.

We don’t just sell our customers on the energy savings of LED; we practice what we preach. In 2014 we replaced 24 two-bulb eight foot T12 fluorescent fixtures in our warehouse and assembly areas with 27 five foot elio® Sirius lights (690240). The lights went from using 80 watts per fixture to 27 watts per fixture saving an estimated 3,430,080 watts annually which translates to 3,430 KWH or about $500.00. In doing this we not only improved our bottom line we also brought better lighting to our workers.

ITC also encourages all employees to take advantage of the provided recycling program offered in both the United States and China. Additionally, ITC has changed from Styrofoam plates, cups and bowls to bio-degradable paper products, further reducing our carbon footprint. We recycle everything from glass bottles and cans to paper and plastics. We also recycle all cardboard and have special project roll off boxes used for collecting metal. In 2014 alone we recycled approximately:

  • 9,500 lbs of recycled materials
    (bottles, paper, plastic, etc.)
  • 62,400 lbs of cardboard
  • 4,800 lbs of project materials
  • 76,700 lbs of recycled materials

In our testing facility we installed a recycling water system to aid in the reduction of clean water waste. We use the water to test our water proof and water resistant products so with the new system we can use the same water a number of times successfully reducing our water consumption by 40,000 gallons over the last year alone.

In our China production facility, staff is diligent about turning the power off in the burn in room* at the end of each day. By being cognizant of this task, we are able to reduce the facilities’ energy usage by 10,368 Kwh per year. The production team also recycles the label paper they use, and re-uses the packaging material from the glass lens used in our Radiance lights, resulting in about 3,500 lbs of recycled material a year.

*Burn In Room: An area used by LED lighting manufacturers to test LED boards for potential quality issues before final assembly.