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Cypress Table Leg System Troubleshooting

  • Before installing the leg into the floor base, ensure the T-bolt on the bottom of the leg is 3/8” away from the leg. If it is not you may need pliers to back it out to 3/8”.
  • Align the T-bolt on the bottom of the leg with the rectangular opening in the floor base and begin to turn clockwise until tight. Lift and wiggle the leg to ensure it is secure.
  • Click here to view full Cypress Table Leg System installation instructions.
  • When installing the tabletop on the table leg, press the top evenly and firmly in the center over the leg.
  • If using ITC Table Top be sure not to apply excessive pressure to the outside edges. Table weight capacity is 50 lbs evenly distributed.
  • To remove the tabletop from the table leg twist and pull straight up on the tabletop until the table pops off.
  • When disassembling the leg from the floor base, slide the release tab on the base toward the leg and twist counterclockwise until the leg releases. If the leg is too tight to turn by hand put the tabletop back on the table leg, slide the tab in with your foot, and twist the tabletop counterclockwise until the leg starts to loosen. Remove the tabletop and continue removing the leg.