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ITC Patents

ITC was founded on innovation which has led to over 40 patents for product designs. ITC approaches product innovation to solve for customers’ needs. By putting the customer in the forefront, ITC is able to design and engineer products that work with the customer’s current systems, restrictions, and visual desires. ITC also develops and engineers product innovations based on our research and insights of the industries we serve.


Patent Number Product Name
11,304,509 Cypress Table Leg
10,458,604 Luna Diffused Flex Light
10,125,964 Flex Connex Connector System
9,909,719 Clear Bottom Luna Diffused Flexible Lighting
9,927,092 Compel Canopy Linear Lights
2,861,157 Luna Diffused Flexible Lighting (Canadian Patent)
9,695,991 B2 Luna Diffused Flexible Lighting
9,716,358 B1 Continuous Power System
D783,194 Radiance X2 Overhead Light
8,579,462 Edge Vertical Refrigeration Light
8,220,968 Sirius Linear Undercabinet Lights
D641,926 Adjustable Mount MR16 Bulb Holder
7,748,678 Stepped Bottom Drink Holder
7,708,420 Overhead Light with MR16
D580,233 Ring Mount Stepped Drink Holder
D570,532 Corona LED Overhead Light
7,374,319 IllumaGrip Assist Handle
D561,374 Leaf Spring Mount Radiance Light
7,322,722 Radiance Overhead Light
D544,979 Spring Mount Radiance Light
7,086,759 Radiance Halogen Reading Light
6,820,847 B2 Sequoia Table Leg & Base System
6,612,725 High Output LED Docking Light
6,592,240 IllumaGrip Assist Handle
6,454,439 Halogen Surface Mount Overhead Light
6,325,525 Frosty LED Exit Light System
6,299,327 Halogen Overhead Linear Light
6,186,645 Rope Lighting
D435,920 Frosty LED Light
D432,686 Ventilated Twist Type Fluorescent
D415,582 Frosty LED Light
5,934,792 Rope Lighting
5,615,631 Ski Tow Assembly
5,588,908 Ventilation Hose Mounting Assembly
D373,104 Water Ski Tow Fixture
5,423,508 Foldable Support for Beverage Container
5,297,010 Illuminated Grab Handle
5,272,603 Incandescent Overhead Light
5,099,220 Waterproof Flush Mount Marine Horn Assembly
5,026,010 Surfit Latched Detachable Leg Assembly
4,987,845 Ski Tow Fixture
4,976,212 Portlight for Watercraft
4,969,073 Terraced Light
4,954,932 Transom Light
4,925,140 Detachable Leg Assembly
4,828,211 Foldable Support for Beverage Container
4,764,851 Overhead Light Fixture
4,738,216 Anchor for Water Ski Tow Rope
10,532,693,B2 Diffused Flexible Linear Undercarriage Light
Application Number Product Name
62/653941 Dim2Warm Overhead Lights
14/937991 Flex Connex