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At ITC Incorporated, we are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to the community that supports us. We donate a portion of our profits to charity. We recycle as much as we can and are committed to continually reducing our ecological footprint.

ITC’s employees are one of our most important assets. We are proud to provide a work environment where employees are appreciated, valued and given regular feedback. We strive to promote an open door policy for concerns, thoughts, and feedback. We promote based on merits and skills and do not discriminate based on age, color, creed, or relationship orientation.

We recognize parental and family obligations of our employees and ensure that all staff members are supported by being flexible with hours or personal time.

ITC provides a creative working environment where our staff is encouraged to develop their skills. It is our goal to make ITC a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work.

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