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Alliance Partners

Alliance Partnership: shared values, common goals, and a commitment to mutual success for the benefit of our customers.

Finding like-minded and complementary businesses to build relationships with can be difficult; it takes time, understanding, and determination to be successful. Once a relationship develops and trust is formed, a true alliance partnership begins.

At ITC we strive to develop great partnerships with both our customers and our suppliers. Our customers find us easy to work with and supportive in their goals for quality products with on-time deliveries. One of the ways we achieve this response from our customers is to invest in our relationships with our suppliers. ITC has developed an Alliance Partner Program to recognize suppliers that share our values and goals while support a commitment to each other.

Being an ITC Alliance Partner indicates that the two companies have built a mutually beneficial alliance to grow and succeed together. Combining the unique skills, strengths, and capabilities that each individual partner provides creates an Alliance that is stronger, more creative, and innovative. Relying on each other’s strengths also allows the individual companies to focus on and excel in its own core competencies. When the core competencies are combined the Alliance is better able to provide its customers with more substantial capabilities and support than its members could provide independently. The Alliance Partnership is dedicated to meeting goals and building success through shared values and commitment to meet the demands of customers.