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ITC manufactures and assembles in both the USA and Asia. Our wholly owned manufacturing facilities are staffed with dedicated and technically skilled employees in two time zones for around the clock production, ensuring timely, quality deliveries.

ITC has developed key skills in several areas of manufacturing including Surface Mount Technology or SMT (check out our video below of our SMT machine), which is key in LED electric component development. ITC utilizes both automated and hand processing giving our customers options and advantages depending on need.

ITC’s Tape Light Production

How ITC’s SMT Machine Works

Advantages: Hand processed

  • Cost effective for small runs or lower volume production
  • Low set-up cost
  • Low minimum order quantities

Advantages : Automated process

  • Cost effective for high volume production
  • Faster processing
  • Consistency with large on-going runs
  • Accuracy of placement and soldering

ITC has also gone beyond the customer / supplier relationship with the development of Alliance Partners to give our customers the assurance that ITC can provide a wide range of manufacturing capabilities with the same controlled quality development process. Using our Alliance Partners expands the capabilities we can offer our customers. Allowing each partner to focus on their core capabilities and exceed in those skills provides a consistency and reliability within the process to achieve exceptional results for the customer.

ITC, along with our Alliance Partners and vendors, offer the following manufacturing capabilities in addition to our engineering, sourcing, quality control, and management expertise.

Injection Molding, vacuum molding, blow molding & extrusions,
Stamping, die casting, sand casting, investment castings, extrusions, weldments & assemblies
Full lamp development or integration of lighting
Blown artisan and pressed
Wet coat, powder coat, anodizing & plating
Kitting, sub-assembly, full assembly & packaging