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ITCMFGSELCTITC understands the needs of RV and Marine owners to ensure the integrity of their investment using OEM quality replacement parts. Being a top OEM supplier positions ITC to be the natural leader in aftermarket.

Functional and decorative LED lighting, table systems, entry handles, and exterior showers are just a few of our most popular items for aftermarket sales.

Developed in 2007, ITC’s aftermarket division provides retail display ready and bulk products for the end user consumer. Products are available in clamshell packaging with product inserts complete with UPC and product details. Providing retailers with our top selling products in a visually pleasing and user friendly system was the basis for the foundation for the line. The aftermarket program features options for tradeshow discounts, free shipping, and cooperative advertising to put your business and ITC’s products at fingertip length for consumers.

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