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ITCMFGSELCTITC has always leveraged their experience of innovative design and engineering to identify and solve pain points while creating opportunities for better solutions to fill customers’ unique needs. ITC was the early leader in bringing quality, application specific products to the marine and RV industries and has since expanded into several other markets with equal success. ITC’s focus in LED lighting and electronic systems has given them the expertise that adds value across many industries and pushes the boundaries, resulting in over 50 patents.

ITC, headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan (aka Salad Bowl City) has many staff members with interest in sustainable, safe, and effective food growth. This lead naturally to an enthusiastic team beginning a journey to research, learn, and gain understanding of the horticulture market and lighting issues facing growers.

As awareness started to build around the need for more effective and efficient lighting products for supplemental and controlled environment growing, ITC launched into full research and development mode. Research included grower interviews, focus groups, and gaining understanding of the most current physics of plant growth from university experts. Development progressed to comparison research with actual growth performance testing by comparing ITC prototypes against other products on the market. The result is a new Horticulture LED Lighting line scheduled to launch in early Fall 2018.

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