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ITCelioLogoThe elio® brand of LED products from ITC Incorporated illuminates the benefits of going green with state of the art technology and innovative dependable fixtures. Elio makes the transition from traditional inefficient lighting options to energy saving and environmentally friendly lighting easy with our line of products designed specifically for several industries’ unique needs.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting has proven benefits in addition to reducing energy costs and producing better light output. Fluorescent lighting emits harmful UV rays that can alter the color and longevity of merchandise and halogens produce tremendous heat that can be a danger for workers, customers, and merchandise. LED lighting with higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) is also a better choice for eyesight, especially with the aging population. Higher Color Rendering Index LEDs provide cleaner, clearer light for task work and for bringing out the true colors of displayed merchandise.

All LEDs and LED fixtures are not created equal. The elio products focus on the innovative design of the technology components such as the placement, size, and type of the LEDs, the structure of the electronic boards, and the style of the lens, in addition to the performance aspects. Performance of the light output is a combination of several factors including the CRI, the Kelvin color temperature (the rated color of the light), and the science of the light refracting within the fixture and the lens.

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