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Custom Solutions


The ITC Custom Solutions brand is rooted in our beginnings and continues to provide our customers with proprietary products that set industry standards.

When ITC Custom Solutions was launched in 1982, the purpose was to provide custom goods to customers using our sourcing in China, which at that time was a unique opportunity for local manufacturers. Custom Solutions has capitalized on the early entry of importing goods to become a brand relied on to supply high quality and cutting-edge products to our customers today.

At ITC, we understand the market competitiveness our customers face and bring expansive knowledge to ensure an edge in the marketplace. The ITC Custom Solutions brand has expanded to provide customers with services which still include sourcing and manufacturing in China, but now is also focused on producing many of these items in our owned manufacturing plants in the US and China, to ensure the highest quality and delivery.  Custom Solutions also provides component and complete product design and development, as well as LED lighting integration for our customer’s products.

To learn more about how ITC’s Custom Solutions can work with your company on proprietary solutions and give you the edge over your competition, contact us at or call 616-396-1355.