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ITC Incorporated is a service driven design and manufacturing company that continually meets the needs of its customers through engineering innovation and quality design. Through groundbreaking custom and proprietary products, ITC has produced over 40 patents that meet customer needs and exceed industry expectations on quality, timely deliveries, and customer service.

The core values of ITC revolve around developing customer relationships through listening and building trust. These relationships lead to value-oriented products and services that create an atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment with its employees that transcends to all ITC products & services. The end result of these core values is a customer-oriented company that is constantly innovating within its industry.


The elio® brand of LED lighting products brings a new experience in high quality lighting and innovative design to several markets. ITC launched the elio brand in 2008 to extend its knowledge in LED lighting into new markets including healthcare, office, store fixtures, and residential and commercial cabinet manufacturers.
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ITC RV has been located in Elkhart, IN for over 11 years serving the needs of the RV industry as a leader in lighting products, both functional and decorative. Complementing our industry-leading lighting line, the RV Brand also takes pride in introduction of the revolutionizing LED Lit IllumaGrip Assist Handle. With its market debut in 2001, the handle has led to an extensively developed line that offers over 70 assist handle options today. Other products available for our RV customers include table leg systems, storage area lighting, and exterior lighting for ramps and porch areas.
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ITC Marine has been serving the marine market since its incorporation in 1982 with the introduction of a ski tow and horn. Today the Marine brand has grown to include navigation, dock, and underwater lighting, accent and decorative lighting, faucets, showers, table leg systems, and more. By offering a complete package – from product development, engineering and quality control to production and distribution – ITC has become the go-to for the marine industry.
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ITC, headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan (aka Salad Bowl City) has many staff members with interest in sustainable, safe, and effective food growth. This lead naturally to an enthusiastic team beginning a journey to research, learn, and gain understanding of the horticulture market and lighting issues facing growers.
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ITCCustomSolutionsLogoCustom Solutions

The ITC Custom Solutions brand is rooted in our beginnings and continues to provide our customers with reliable and quality products.

Custom Solutions was launched to provide goods to our customers from China back in 1982 when sourcing from China was a unique opportunity. Custom Solutions has capitalized on our early entry to importing and extended our services to include focuses of component and complete product development, sourcing, and manufacturing, as well as LED lighting integration into our customer’s products.
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ITCMnfctrSelectLogoManufacturers’ Select

ITC understands the needs of RV and Marine owners to ensure the integrity of their investment using OEM quality replacement parts. Being a top OEM supplier positions ITC to be the natural leader in aftermarket.

Functional and decorative LED lighting, table systems, entry handles, and exterior showers are just a few of our most popular items for aftermarket sales.
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ITCMnfctrSelectLogoWorkplace Interiors

Today, companies are focused on office worker comfort and green initiatives as much as they are on safety, efficiency, and the bottom line. ITC can help in all of these areas of focus with our high quality lighting solutions.

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ITCMnfctrSelectLogoRetail Display

Let ITC help you transition foot traffic through your store into measurable sales. With LED lighting, your store has the opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption and illuminate merchandise with a higher quality of light.

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