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NEW 2016 Product Catalog is Here!

February 19th, 2016 by williamm

2016 Catalog Announcement web post








No, these slogans were not written about the NEW 2016 ITC Catalog – but they could have been!

Check out the latest and greatest edition of the ITC catalog including great new products, like
the Versicolor™, FlexConnex™, and RadianceX2™ and favorite standard items like the ski tow and table leg systems.

Check out our online interactive catalog here [ 2016 Marine/RV Product Catalog ]  then see if you can name the company that made each slogan famous.

See how you you did here:  [ Answers ]

RV Industry Movers & Shakers

July 10th, 2015 by williamm

A Celebration of RV Industry Professionals Who Truly Make a Difference

As Featured in RV PRO Magazine, July 2015

RV Pro believes that excellence should be celebrated, and the July 2015 special ‘Movers and Shakers’ section does just that by casting a spotlight on key industry professionals who truly make a difference. ITC’s very own Gary Ludwig and Donnetta Whitaker were prominently featured in the article for their extraordinary contributions to their customers, our company, and to the RV industry as a whole.

Donnetta Whitaker

The Designing Woman

Many of ITC Inc.’s successful decorative lighting products are the result of the creative discipline of
Donnetta Whitaker, RV sales and design lead. In 2014, Whitaker provided the conceptual design for more than 10 of the decorative lines, including the Infinity, the Cartesian, the Arabesque and the Cassini.
Whitaker works closely with OEMs on a daily basis to design new lighting product lines that fit their future color, décor and design direction with the goal of creating fresh looks to attract new buyers. She doesn’t simply pitch new products, but rather seeks to find solutions that fit customers’ needs.

This approach to customer service was demonstrated on a recent project in which Whitaker worked with the engineering and production teams of one of ITC’s customers to find a way to make installation of a lighting product quicker and easier. The process from design to development took about three months. The result was a reduction in labor requirements – from three installers to just one. The overall change to the product was minimal, but the savings to the customer were significant.

Whitaker also extensively researches market trends and has been instrumental in directing ITC’s customers toward a more residential look when it comes to RV lighting.
As a result of her commitment to service, Whitaker’s year-over-year sales increased by 70 percent in 2014. Despite her many achievements, Whitaker says her success is supported by a team effort.

Gary Ludwig 1

The Engineer

In 2014, Gary Ludwig led an international engineering team of ITC employees to bring 45 new products to the RV industry.

A senior sales engineering manager for ITC, Ludwig has extensive experience in the RV, emergency vehicle and office furniture markets, which helps him streamline production processes. For example, Ludwig was able to implement a new development process for ITC that shortened the production time frame for custom products and tracked every detail. This new system increased the company’s efficiency without sacrificing quality for quantity.

Ludwig also has proven proficient at improvising solutions using the company’s existing product lines. When an ITC customer needed a custom compartment lighting product, Ludwig and his team utilized design elements from other ITC product lines to provide a truly unique solution. This allowed ITC to meet the customer’s needs and offered a quick timeline for delivery. The final product also had the added bonus of doubling as a backup light. Ludwig also has demonstrated versatile leadership abilities in his oversight of an international engineering team. This required extensive work, sensitivity to cultural diversity and coordination between two countries, two time zones, and two cultural work styles. Under his leadership, the team has developed lighting products for the RV industry featuring innovative material choices, mounting options, and new aesthetic designs that give OEMs higher quality products at affordable prices.

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