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ITC Incorporated Continues its Growth Path

November 3rd, 2020 by cassiel

ITC Incorporated is enthusiastic about the surging demands in our markets and we are doing everything possible to keep pace with the dynamic requirements of our customers, provide the quality products our customers expect, and continue to develop innovative high-quality products.

ITC continues growing, despite the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since returning to work from the government mandated shutdown, ITC has been ramping up production as quickly as possible to meet the surging consumer demand our customers have been experiencing for COVID-19 friendly activities.  Our dedicated teams in both the USA and China allow ITC to provide a continuous, around-the-clock work force, thus providing our customers highly responsive solutions.

ITC has increased the capacity of our internal production lines, which manufacture LED and other electronic products and components, both in the USA and in China. We have expanded our production team by over 50 people since April.

ITC currently has 300 employees worldwide and plans to increase the number of employees to nearly 350 in the coming months to meet the exploding demand for products. We have invested in new equipment, including extrusion machines and soldering stations, to improve output. Our Alliance Supplier Partners are similarlydedicated to meeting rising customer orders and have flexed their staffs to react as quickly as possible.

Our focus on developing innovative, high-quality products, especially in LED and other electronics, has not stopped. ITC is excited to showcase expanded product offerings this year. Our product development team has several new products nearing the launch stage which will be unveiled in the coming months. Our new linear overhead lighting, waterproof shower light, and the adjustable wall mount table leg are just a few of the exciting new products scheduled for launch in the next few months.

ITC is committed to providing the quality products our customers expect in a timely manner and to delivering innovative customer focused product solutions. As 2021 approaches, ITC continues to investment in people, equipment, and core competencies to enhance the customer experience in 2021 and beyond.