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VersiControl™ Smart System

December 5th, 2017 by cassiel

ITC introduces VersiControlTM, the RGB lighting control system that takes RGB lighting to new levels. The ability to set up and individually control zones of lighting on the interior or exterior with an all-in-one 4-zone control pad and/or a smart phone app makes controlling the multi-zone lighting simple and fun. Part entertainment and part function, the state-of-the-art VersiControl package gives users nearly unlimited options for lighting control.

The unobtrusive, intuitive, and powerful control pad allows for basic operation and control of lighting systems including, color selection, color cycling speed, individual on/off zone control, dimming, all white “instant on” feature for quick visual confirmations, and resume settings.

The unique custom designed phone app increases the functionality of the VersiColor RGB LED lighting product line with all the same features as the pad control, plus additional features such as favorite color saves, light to music interface, tutorials, and custom color selection settings with build your own color palate feature. The app is designed to accept future effects upgrades as they are launched, keeping the product relevant for many years.

The VersiControl pad and phone app work in conjunction with each other and pads can be added to the system to allow for complete control of the VersiColor LED RGB lights from anywhere in the unit.The control module can also communicate with a digital dash setup via the boat/RV CAN system. Integrating control of the lighting into the other controls of the unit provides a favorable and complete user experience.




VersiControl: Phone App and Controller Pad

  • Multiple input methods ( Can, Pad, and App )
  • Relay capacity of 12 outputs | 20 amps
  • Custom programing for brand differentiation ( per OEM request )
  • Input trigger line
  • Intuitive operation and easy visuals for users
  • Quick white trigger for convenience, security, and safety

Phone App

  • Extended operational range of 100 feet
  • Personal Passcode Security

Controller Pad

  • Aesthetics integrate with other dash gauges
  • Water resistant ( IP66 )
  • Backlit for easy, in-the-dark control


  • Individually Controlled Zones ( 4 Zones )
  • Individual Zone Lock-out option
  • Effects ( Color, Fade, Music Beats, Camera )
  • Custom Saves (Color, Color Groups )
  • Timer (On or Off )
  • Memory of previous configuration

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