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ITC Tape Light Advantage

July 14th, 2017 by cassiel

Partner with ITC, a Trusted, Experienced Industry Leader

Based in the US, ITC has the development and engineering team that understands the technical ins and outs of producing high performing, quality tape light. We approach tape light engineering and manufacturing based on our customer’s specific applications, ensuring performance expectations are always met or exceeded. ITC’s experience and proven performance has gained us a highly-rated reputation as a trusted supplier in several industries, including Automotive, RV, Marine, Office Furniture, Retail Display, and the large Cruise Ship industry. The knowledge we’ve gained working in these industries is used across

other industries to provide unique insights and improvements.

What ITC Does to Make our Tape Light Superior to Competitor’s Commodity Lighting:

It’s easy, we start with the best designs, then we use the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing processes, and a multiple step quality control review to ensure the highest value.


70% of tape light failures happen due to the solder application. Three main factors that affect the solder are, the application, the handling of the solder, and the cleaning of
the applicator.

Solder can be applied to the circuit board by hand or by machine. The quality of the machine is also a factor. ITC uses advanced equipment that ensures a consistent amount of solder paste is dispensed through an aluminum screen, using the same amount of pressure and speed of application, to achieve the correct thickness and spread of paste. The solder is maintained at a consistent temperature throughout a specified production time and left over paste is disposed of properly when temperature or time has expired.

Cleaning the screen at regular intervals is a critical process often neglected by other manufacturers. Dirty or clogged printing screens can adversely affect the solder application and therefore quality of the finished product.


The sealant over high quality LEDs, is applied with precision machinery for consistent, equal application. The sealant on the PCB light engine is a high-quality UV impervious flexible JTF 105 silicone. Giving our Tape Light exceptional protection against cracking in extreme temperature environments [-20ºC to +80ºC].

The sealant is also crystal clear to optimize the optics of the light output. ITC’s tape light passes the stringent LM79 testing which requires each tape light to remain within 5% of its original lumen and color output after 1,000 hours of use.

Copper Trace:

A common way to reduce cost for tape light is to reduce the copper trace. It is not noticeable when viewing the finished product but it does impact the durability and life of the tape light. ITC uses a heavier copper trace on the PCB than our competitors in order to maintain voltage over the length of long runs and to achieve the same light output from end to end. The heavier trace also prevents accidental damage during installation.

ITC, also uses 18-gauge wire input leads to adhere to RVIA code and the resistor values that are appropriate for 13.6V input as opposed to the common industry standard that uses resistor values for 12V. Thus, when powered by an RV converter at 13.6V the 12V products are overdriven which contributes to failures. The ITC resistors are also specified specifically for the flexibility of the copper trace to prevent cracking and separation.

We don’t stop there; all ITC tape light passes a 2-hour burn-in quality test, a shock and vibration test, and IP66 waterproof testing. This testing is in addition to the checks at each point of the manufacturing process, like the powering of each piece and inspection under magnification.

You Get What You Pay For

ITC packs value into every tape light product we offer. Providing our OEM customers with the assurance of on-time delivery and trouble-free installation, so they can give their customers a reliable and quality lighting experience.

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