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RVIA 2017 Summary

December 8th, 2017 by oliviam

RV manufacturers and component part suppliers are brought together at the RVIA tradeshow to help advance the RV industry. As the RV industry hits another record-breaking sales year, the average age of consumers who are buying these RVs is decreasing. What are the drivers for this trend? Gas prices continue to be low and the rise in technology advances in the RV has played a big role. With the latest smart phones and 4G connections, consumers can now navigate around the country easier than ever. What else are these RV buyers looking for? An affordable, compact towable trailer, easily pulled behind an economical gas friendly vehicle, that still has some level of the luxury amenities of larger more expensive RVs. (Ask your sales rep for more information on the new Agile Collection of affordable decorative lights.)

To address these present and future consumer needs, ITC presented more lighting customization options, more cutting-edge products, and sneak peeks of future products sure to be new industry standards. ITC’s booth was created to provide current and prospective customers with an updated RV lighting and lighting control experience. Featuring our newest VersiColor™ and VersiControl™ products, our advanced Dim2Warm technology, and an array of newly designed decorative lights for manufacturers to provide feedback on through a voting ballot. A winner was drawn from all ballots for a $200 Visa gift card, and congratulations go to Derek Box, the winner. Thanks to all who participated and visited our RVIA space in Louisville.

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VersiControl™ Smart System

December 5th, 2017 by cassiel

ITC introduces VersiControlTM, the RGB lighting control system that takes RGB lighting to new levels. The ability to set up and individually control zones of lighting on the interior or exterior with an all-in-one 4-zone control pad and/or a smart phone app makes controlling the multi-zone lighting simple and fun. Part entertainment and part function, the state-of-the-art VersiControl package gives users nearly unlimited options for lighting control.

The unobtrusive, intuitive, and powerful control pad allows for basic operation and control of lighting systems including, color selection, color cycling speed, individual on/off zone control, dimming, all white “instant on” feature for quick visual confirmations, and resume settings.

The unique custom designed phone app increases the functionality of the VersiColor RGB LED lighting product line with all the same features as the pad control, plus additional features such as favorite color saves, light to music interface, tutorials, and custom color selection settings with build your own color palate feature. The app is designed to accept future effects upgrades as they are launched, keeping the product relevant for many years.

The VersiControl pad and phone app work in conjunction with each other and pads can be added to the system to allow for complete control of the VersiColor LED RGB lights from anywhere in the unit.The control module can also communicate with a digital dash setup via the boat/RV CAN system. Integrating control of the lighting into the other controls of the unit provides a favorable and complete user experience.




VersiControl: Phone App and Controller Pad

  • Multiple input methods ( Can, Pad, and App )
  • Relay capacity of 12 outputs | 20 amps
  • Custom programing for brand differentiation ( per OEM request )
  • Input trigger line
  • Intuitive operation and easy visuals for users
  • Quick white trigger for convenience, security, and safety

Phone App

  • Extended operational range of 100 feet
  • Personal Passcode Security

Controller Pad

  • Aesthetics integrate with other dash gauges
  • Water resistant ( IP66 )
  • Backlit for easy, in-the-dark control


  • Individually Controlled Zones ( 4 Zones )
  • Individual Zone Lock-out option
  • Effects ( Color, Fade, Music Beats, Camera )
  • Custom Saves (Color, Color Groups )
  • Timer (On or Off )
  • Memory of previous configuration

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25 Days of ITC!

November 29th, 2017 by cassiel

The holiday season is fast approaching and ITC is anxious to join in on the festivities! Over the next 25 days, we will be sharing topics including: industry trends, product and company news, community outreach and holiday features.

Can’t miss features include:

  • What to Buy a RV Owner
  • National Ugly Sweater Day
  • RVIA Recap
  • How to Cut Your Holiday Energy Costs

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IBEX 2017 Summary!

September 28th, 2017 by cassiel

IBEX is dedicated to advancing the marine industry by bringing together all professionals in the marine industry. The 2017 show, featured over 650 exhibitors and brought the top leaders and educators in the industry to offer all attendees cutting edge seminars.

At this year’s show, ITC presented more customization options, more cutting-edge products, and sneak peeks of future products sure to be new industry standards. ITC’s interactive booth brought the VersiColor and VersiControl product line to life, featuring the newest controls and state of the art phone app! The innovative lit counter top was a showstopper with the VersiColor RGB technology incorporated. The newest industry LED navigation light, the Flip Navigation light, provides high efficient LEDs with a flip mechanism to stow the light flat into the floor when not in use.

Overall, IBEX was another successful show, giving ITC’s customers an opportunity to experience our cutting-edge products for today and tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone who was able to visit ITC at the show even with the uncertainty of the hurricane. For all those affected by the storm we wish you all the best as you start to regroup and rebuild.

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Check our sales team testing our booth before the show here!

The Glamping Show – The Meeting Place for the Glamping Industry

September 20th, 2017 by cassiel

Although the beginning of glamping is up for debate, the fact that glamping is here to stay is not! What was once thought to be a trendy, niche market is now growing faster than anyone ever thought! Glamping can be staycation or destination with plenty of relaxation in the great outdoors! These sites are full of luxurious features that are found in five star hotels and quirky features that differentiate them from any other get away experience.

As the US has been gradually catching on to the glamping craze, in 2015 the UK started The Glamping Show to bring together individuals of the industry.  This “one stop shop” provides existing and potential business owners a place to gather all the information and essential connections they will need. Attendees are given the opportunity to learn from industry leaders by attending any of the comprehensive seminar programs. So if you are an avid glamper planning to take a vacation to the UK, check out The Glamping Show happening September 21-23, 2017!

Learn more about glamping here and find out what your camping style is by taking our short quiz!

IBEX 2017 – Experience ITC Lighting!

September 13th, 2017 by cassiel

IBEX is on for 2017! ITC will again show some of our best-selling products that have become industry standards, along with new industry forward products. ITC is working hard to meet the needs of the marine industry today and provide exciting cutting-edge products for tomorrow. We are also bringing even more lighting customization options with additions to the VersiControl Product Line.

Check out the video of our Sales and Marketing Team testing our booth to make sure it provided all the eye-catching, innovative products you’re looking for.

We will be in booth 1450 and trust us you don’t want to miss out. But if you do; keep a look out for our IBEX 2017 follow-up summaries in the following weeks!

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Storm Unknowns & ITC Shipments

September 8th, 2017 by cassiel

The list of storms continues to grow and statewide evacuations are underway. From past storm damages and losses to current threats and unknowns, ITC is keeping everyone in mind during this time of devastation.

Please be aware that ITC shipments into the Southern United States, especially into Florida, may experience some delays due to Hurricane Irma. Many of our freight carriers and distribution centers are not accepting deliveries as of September 7, 2017. ITC will do our best to recommence deliveries as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!

Read more about how you can help Irma and Harvey victims.

ITC Headquarters Moves to Hudsonville, MI

August 16th, 2017 by cassiel

ITC Incorporated has called Holland, MI its home since the inception of the company in 1982, but on July 21, the company moved 13 miles east to 3030 Corporate Grove Drive, Hudsonville, MI. While there is regret about leaving Holland, the move to this larger, newly remodeled, more energy efficient facility comes with much excitement.

The new Hudsonville facility doubled our previous footprint and allows for further growth as ITC continues to seek opportunities to better serve its customer base. It will also be a working showroom, with many ITC products highlighted throughout the building.

The new space also gives ITC more opportunities to continue to promote and realize its goal to be an employer of choice. Following reception of the 2016 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” award by the Michigan Celebrates Small Business organization, ITC received the 2017 Most Engaged Workforce award and remains committed to appreciating and recognizing the importance that each employee brings to the organization. A full kitchen and large employee lounge featuring custom designed drywall art created by our contractor, Elzinga & Volkers Construction Professionals, and large training room for inclusive group meetings, training sessions and employee-centered activities are a few of the added benefits of the new ITC facility.

Moving Dates – From Holland MI to Hudsonville MI

July 17th, 2017 by cassiel

As we prepare for the big move from Holland, MI to Hudsonville, MI next week, here are a few dates to keep in mind!

ITC Tape Light Advantage

July 14th, 2017 by cassiel

Partner with ITC, a Trusted, Experienced Industry Leader

Based in the US, ITC has the development and engineering team that understands the technical ins and outs of producing high performing, quality tape light. We approach tape light engineering and manufacturing based on our customer’s specific applications, ensuring performance expectations are always met or exceeded. ITC’s experience and proven performance has gained us a highly-rated reputation as a trusted supplier in several industries, including Automotive, RV, Marine, Office Furniture, Retail Display, and the large Cruise Ship industry. The knowledge we’ve gained working in these industries is used across

other industries to provide unique insights and improvements.

What ITC Does to Make our Tape Light Superior to Competitor’s Commodity Lighting:

It’s easy, we start with the best designs, then we use the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing processes, and a multiple step quality control review to ensure the highest value.


70% of tape light failures happen due to the solder application. Three main factors that affect the solder are, the application, the handling of the solder, and the cleaning of
the applicator.

Solder can be applied to the circuit board by hand or by machine. The quality of the machine is also a factor. ITC uses advanced equipment that ensures a consistent amount of solder paste is dispensed through an aluminum screen, using the same amount of pressure and speed of application, to achieve the correct thickness and spread of paste. The solder is maintained at a consistent temperature throughout a specified production time and left over paste is disposed of properly when temperature or time has expired.

Cleaning the screen at regular intervals is a critical process often neglected by other manufacturers. Dirty or clogged printing screens can adversely affect the solder application and therefore quality of the finished product.


The sealant over high quality LEDs, is applied with precision machinery for consistent, equal application. The sealant on the PCB light engine is a high-quality UV impervious flexible JTF 105 silicone. Giving our Tape Light exceptional protection against cracking in extreme temperature environments [-20ºC to +80ºC].

The sealant is also crystal clear to optimize the optics of the light output. ITC’s tape light passes the stringent LM79 testing which requires each tape light to remain within 5% of its original lumen and color output after 1,000 hours of use.

Copper Trace:

A common way to reduce cost for tape light is to reduce the copper trace. It is not noticeable when viewing the finished product but it does impact the durability and life of the tape light. ITC uses a heavier copper trace on the PCB than our competitors in order to maintain voltage over the length of long runs and to achieve the same light output from end to end. The heavier trace also prevents accidental damage during installation.

ITC, also uses 18-gauge wire input leads to adhere to RVIA code and the resistor values that are appropriate for 13.6V input as opposed to the common industry standard that uses resistor values for 12V. Thus, when powered by an RV converter at 13.6V the 12V products are overdriven which contributes to failures. The ITC resistors are also specified specifically for the flexibility of the copper trace to prevent cracking and separation.

We don’t stop there; all ITC tape light passes a 2-hour burn-in quality test, a shock and vibration test, and IP66 waterproof testing. This testing is in addition to the checks at each point of the manufacturing process, like the powering of each piece and inspection under magnification.

You Get What You Pay For

ITC packs value into every tape light product we offer. Providing our OEM customers with the assurance of on-time delivery and trouble-free installation, so they can give their customers a reliable and quality lighting experience.

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Watch our Tape Light Production Video below!