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Farewell to Patrick

February 3rd, 2017 by cassiel

Thank You Patrick For the past thirteen years, Patrick has dedicated himself to ITC’s customers and the family of ITC employees. Patrick, started in Marine Sales and is finishing his tenure at ITC as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is now starting down another path of running his own rep company. We look forward to continuing to work with him as one of our RV and Marine Reps. Everyone at ITC would like to thank Patrick for everything he has done and wish him the very best as his new journey starts. Patrick, you will be missed!
Thank You Patrick

ITC Looks Back at 2016

December 21st, 2016 by cassiel

Reflecting on the memories we have collected in 2016. Best wishes to all for a prosperous New Year!

The Glamping Evolution

December 13th, 2016 by cassiel

glamping According to Reserve America, as camping progressed from tents to motorhomes in a span of 55 years, amenities also evolved. From 1905 to 1927, everything from the lantern to the air mattress, and even the s’more, was invented, setting camping on the path to where it is today. While some people still prefer hiking and pitching a tent, others prefer parking their luxury 5th wheels in a campground with amenities or traveling the highways and byways in a deluxe motorhome, waking up to something new every day. Although the definition of camping is different across the world, it seems to be a common interest that many people share.

glamping So, what about the people who prefer staying in a hotel over traditional camping? To many of us glamping or “glamorous camping”, a new trend that’s started to become more and more popular over the last few years, is the answer. According to, the history of glamping could be taken all the way back to the 1900s when Americans and Europeans traveled to Africa for a wild outdoor adventure, but still demanded the luxuries of king sized beds, Persian rugs, and a chef. Today’s version of glamping seems very similar with canvas tents made into luxury rooms, treehouses with functional kitchens and baths or RVs with crystal chandlers and whirlpool tubs. Glamping may be frustrating to an avid rustic camper, but for the rest it’s a way to see the beauty of nature with all the comforts of home and without any of the “annoying parts” of camping. No dirty hands or tent poles that won’t go together, just a pull up and relax environment.

glampingThe glamping trend has inspired people across the world to restore old into new and create glamping destinations, some right in their own back yards. Take for instance Martyn and Louise Steedman, from the United Kingdom; they started with a fantasy that encouraged an auction bid and turned into a glamping experience unlike any other. Their fantasy was inspired by watching the final fly past of the former Royal Navy search and rescue Sea King helicopter on television. When Martyn told his wife Louise that he placed a bid on the Sea King Helicopter they doubted that very shortly they would have to figure out a way to move it up to their farm property. After the helicopter made its’ 320-mile-long journey to their home in Mains Farm Wigwams, the couple started refurbishing and transforming the Sea King Helicopter. They spent 40,000 pounds (about 50,000 dollars) restoring the cockpit to its original state and transforming the rest into an unforgettable glamping experience with a view that can take your breath away. glamping While 17 meters (55ft) seems like an oversized helicopter, the Steedmans had to fit a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations for a family of six into that amount of space. With the space limitations, the couple needed a table leg system that could be easily stored to make room for another sleeping area. Keith Bellinger (a distributor of ITC Inc.) showed them ITC’s Redwood Table Leg System, which ended up being a perfect fit for this helicopter turned glamper. Two of the Redwood Table Leg Systems were incorporated into the Sea King with custom table tops by Bellringer. The Steedman’s were featured on the UK TV show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces; check it out on YouTube for yourself, search helicopter glamping.

glamping So, whether you’re like the Steedman’s and go with an unusual glamper in your own back yard or are intrigued by the idea of exploring the great outdoors in your glitzy RV and taking all the creature comforts along, glamping might be the thing for you. For more glamping inspiration check out the top 10 best glamping experiences and don’t forget to show off your glamping campmosphere by using #ITCcampmosphere on twitter!

Just remember to enjoy the journey no matter what camping style you choose!

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2016 IBEX Show Highlights

December 6th, 2016 by cassiel

elio Lighting Exchange Despite the hurricane, ITC had another successful show at IBEX this year. 2016 marked the first time in several years that ITC introduced a new booth concept. We have used the same concept for many years and decided that the design was looking a bit tired and dated. Our customers know us and they know our booth so we knew we needed to make a big impact with the new design. To do this we incorporated pieces and parts of an actual pontoon. This new design received a lot of complements and made the perfect backdrop for our latest VersiColor RGB products.

elio Lighting ExchangeSome of the new products featured included the Prominence docking light, VersiColor flexible RGB lighting and the VersiColor four zone controller. The Prominence light features both a white spotlight and decorative RGB trim ring. The flexible lighting while not a new product, was shown in a new application under the pontoon rails. The four-zone controller was used to tie all the RGB products together. Up to four zones can be wired and modified by the controller. Zones can be turned on or off via the toggle switches on the helm and will maintain the same color as other zones even if they are turned off.


elio Lighting Exchange All in all, there was high interest level in the VersiColor RGB products and it was good to see that most manufacturers are looking to incorporate this technology into their designs. We are excited about the customization aspect that RGB brings and are looking forward to influencing how lighting is used in the marine industry.

Can One Product Delight Customers and Save Manufacturers Money?

October 27th, 2016 by cassiel

Tech at your fingertips Henry Ford famously said “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black”. We all understand why this was important to production efficiencies and at the time the consumer was more likely to accept that the car they wanted only came in black. Today, consumer’s reality couldn’t be more different. As consumers, we all have lots of choices and individual control in everything from our coffee flavor to instant news feeds to our preference of car brand as well as the color package. Just as Ford has had to change their product experience over the years to stay relevant, so must other consumer product manufacturers. As consumers, we expect easier, quicker, and more customized solutions for our everyday lives and will use our purchasing dollars with brands that provide these options to us.

Technology, of course, has played a major role in developing these expectations for consumers. Just look at the changes in the communications industry over the past 40 years – going from home “party-line” phones (if you’re under 50 you may have to Google that), to the incredibly powerful smart phones of today. In fact, it is said the iPhone6 is 120,000,000 times faster at computing than the computer on the Apollo 11.

Tech at your fingertips

On-demand entertainment has also heightened consumers’ expectations. Content has blown up, giving consumers millions of choices to be entertained anytime and anyplace with just about any device. This has made the three major TV networks rethink their perspective about control over consumer’s watching behaviors. It doesn’t stop there either. The ability to get any information about anything with a few taps on the keyboard is done so often it has become an unconscious behavior. said on September 4, 2016 “Consumers will crave and expect more customized and personalized products, services, and experiences; a trend fueled by big data, messaging, mobility, and explosive growth of electronics … With this increase of personalization comes decreased willingness to accept concessions in product choice”.

So how does a manufacturing company, especially those in the Marine and RV industries, provide the vast array of exciting personal environmental control and brand distinction that consumers demand, all while controlling their inventory skus, production efficiencies, and cost? With a single product that puts the control in the hands of the consumer.

Tech at your fingertipsHello RGB! RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lighting fixtures for Marine and RVs are on the scene. While RGB isn’t that new, in the RV and Marine industries it is just starting to be understood as a resource that gives manufacturers something to meet customers’ increasing expectations. Having the ability to reduce skus, because the RGB can take the place of several lighting products by providing many different colors of light output and at the same time expand personalization options for consumers is a big win for manufacturers.

RGB lighting that is “tunable” can go from party mode with high energy colors that flash and bounce to the music, to a soft refined glow of a favorite color and everything in between is making customers take notice. Controlling the lighting is just as tech oriented as any game controller, with smart phone Apps, multiple zone controls, or convenient integrated knob controls. RGB LEDs can create atmosphere to match any personality, mood, or situation with nearly unlimited color blending. entertainment has also heightened consumers’ expectations.

Tech at your fingertips ITC Incorporated is at the forefront of the RGB tech boom with our VersiColor product line for the RV and Marine industries. ITC has been researching and developing a selection of RGB lighting products that work together to enhance the environment and create atmosphere. Patrick Weiss, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ITC says “We continue to see an increase in sales for RVs and boats that engage customers with gadgets. This also includes a younger tech savvy demographic who is getting into this lifestyle sooner than past generations”. Weiss continues to explain that “Consumers continue to value cutting edge products that give them options and control, while manufacturers need to improve margins and reduce inventory skus”. ITC has solved for both sides of this position with the VersiColor products – one product with several color options and control choices.

RGB may be the latest LED lighting push, but it won’t be the last. With intelligent networking and increasing chip developments, lighting and controls will continue to evolve and ITC will be there to help manufacturers meet consumers’ ever changing expectations.

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ITC Receives Newmar’s Certificate of Excellence

October 21st, 2016 by cassiel

Family Riding Bikes

Each year Newmar Corporation picks their top vendors to attend the annual Vendor Appreciation Banquet. ITC is proud to be able to meet and exceed their standards of excellence and accept their certificate as a 2016 distinguished vendor of the year. Patrick Weiss, VP of Sales and Marketing, was able to attend the event and accept the certificate on behalf of all ITC.

Leadership Growth and Development

October 20th, 2016 by cassiel

In September 2016 ITC’s Leadership team gathered in Holland, MI for a three-year strategic planning session. The team packed the three days with, company development planning, innovative idea exchanges, and team building. Growth and development for the company, suppliers, customers, and employees was the primary focus. The team left with confidence that ITC can achieve the audacious goals they set for the next three years of the company’s history.

Campmosphere™ [Camp-muh s-feer]

August 9th, 2016 by cassiel

RV Pro Celebrates ITC’s All-Star Team

June 30th, 2016 by cassiel

As Featured in RV Pro Magazine, July 2016

The ITC all-star team is a cross-functional family, which represents all disciplines of designing, manufacturing, and delivering innovative quality products on time.
As an international team, ITC has three main locations: Elkhart, Ind., Holland, Mich., and Doug-Guan, China. These locations were chosen in order to provide the biggest benefit and be near our customers and suppliers.
The time difference and the distance between team members can often be a challenge, but ITC has overcome this with the use of technology. The investment in both hardware, software, and technology-savvy people and the development of specific repeatable processes and systems.
Recently, the team worked with one of its largest customers, which was having trouble operating a combination of electrical devices in their units. The issue was identified by the customer when the lights would flicker when the bathroom fan was turned on. The customer’s initial reaction was that there was something wrong with ITC’s lights. After numerous customer visits and discussions, ITC was able to identify the source of the problem and confirm that the issue did not stem from ITC’s lights. Even though the problem was not caused by ITC’s product, the team worked with the customer to develop a light specifically for the customers’ units, which would prevent any future flickering.

RV News Exclusive: ITC Lighting The Way For RV Personalizing

June 21st, 2016 by cassiel

As Featured in RV News, June 13, 2016

 ITC Inc. has created a way for RV owners to greet visitors at campgrounds with a shocking display of colors and lights.

A lot of RVs look alike, especially at night when the colors and designs on the sides are shielded in shadows. ITC President Mike Camarota says a lot of RV owners are looking for ways to personalize their vehicles and make them stand out in a crowd.

The new product is called VersiColor RGB LED lighting and it allows the user to switch on an array of color combinations, flashing lights and other fancy ways to make an RV look like an attraction.

“Everybody’s trying to make their unit look unique,” Camarota says. “This is a way to make their unit more individualistic. In a consumer-oriented world, if you go to LL Bean, you can get any shirt you want in any color. This is the same offering. If you’re a subdued person, you can get it just in blue. Or you can be a little more eccentric with several colors or even rotate the colors.”

Jayco, Inc. was the first company to take a look at the new offering, debuting the product in Louisville in January for their 2016 Seismic Toy Hauler line. Jayco Senior Director of Product Development Toy Hauler Division Mike Aplin says the potential for personalizing is what attracted him to the product in the first place.

“The big appeal is the customer can custom create a lighting package specific to their wants, needs and whatever,” Aplin says. “Basically, it has more than 2,000 light combinations. I was at a Michigan NASCAR race and saw a Class A motorhome stringing lights all around the ground on their unit and I knew there was a better way than stringing them up like that.”

The lights through ITC run from the front of the unit all the way to the back, secured to the motorhome in curved applications as well as straight mounts. The lights are able to be controlled through the Magic Light app on Bluetooth or a smart phone. It gives the customers the flexibility to change the colors in any way they want, whether that be displaying the colors for their favorite team or simply choosing a couple of favorite colors.

Aplin says the lights also could be customized to flash intermittently with music to put on a light show. He also says it’s cheaper to have it done in one place than trying to buy individual lights and string them together.

“If they would do it themselves and have a dealer install them, it would cost a lot of money to run all the wires,” Aplin says. “You can lock in your favorite colors or spin the color wheel. It really does light up quite well.”

Per Department of Transportation laws, a vehicle can’t have the flashing lights and colors displayed while driving down the highway because of safety concerns. But that isn’t an issue for Camarota, or, he says, many of the RV manufacturers, because RVs are parked a lot of the time.

“We’re doing a similar thing with undercarriage lights, when the lights come on when you walk up to the vehicle,” Camarota says. “It has to go off before you start the car.”

Aplin says that customers and dealers have loved the lighting options because it’s something they’ve never seen before. LEDs are a big thing in the industry, incorporated throughout the interior of many motorhomes, but there hasn’t been anything for the outside of the units while they are parked at campgrounds, he says.

“I’m big on industry firsts,” Aplin says. “Whenever I’m talking to a customer or presenting it to dealers, I’m big on leading the way in industry firsts. We get lost in the shuffle sometimes. This separates us a little bit.”

Camarota says there are other manufacturers that have started to implement the lights, but many of those companies haven’t shown their products publicly yet.

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